How to Get AdSense Approval faster | AdSense Approval Trick 2024

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One of the best and most common ways bloggers can monetize their blogs is through Google AdSense. Nowadays, getting your blog approved by AdSense seems tougher than in past years. You have to strictly adhere to their policies and avoid certain things before you can be approved.

Are you looking for an AdSense approval trick? This content contains strategic ways to get your blog or website approved by Google AdSense faster.

What Is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertisement network owned by Google which allows site owners to monetize their websites. It displays goods and services (simply known as ads) on your website and then gets you paid for it.

Before you can be able to get your blog approved by them, you will be required to ensure that you comply with their ad policy.
Users are paid according to the traffic their website can get, Google takes a bigger share of the money while you take the other share.

AdSense Approval Trick You Need To Know.

Getting AdSense approval today is not quite easy, but with this guide and AdSense approval trick, you can be able to secure your site approval from AdSense.
Each is explained below:

1. Write A Unique, Quality, and User Friendly Article.

One of Google’s strict policies is that your website must contain a unique and quality article. This means that any article on your blog must be free from plagiarism and must provide quality information meant to meet the needs of readers.

To be on the safer side, you have to write a user-friendly article, which can easily be understood by your readers. So, you have to use simple languages to write an article, and also ensure using simple layout styles.

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2. Good Word Length

Any article that contains less than 500 words is considered low content value by Google AdSense, which will be a reason for disapproval.
Make sure that each article on your website contains not less than 500 words to avoid disapproval from AdSense. You can make it more than 500 words, but make sure that it is not less than 500.

3. Good Number of Articles

Google AdSense requires that each category in your website contains more than 6 articles and that the general number of articles on your website is above 30.
Before applying for AdSense, ensure that your blog contains 30+ articles as it will help you get approval from AdSense.

4. Must Have Required Pages

As a website, it is required that it has an About Us page, Contact Us page, Privacy Policy page, Disclaimer page, and Terms and Conditions.
AdSense values these pages, so you have to create them to be able to secure AdSense approval.

5. Responsive Themes and A Responsive Site

Most users neglect the need to make use of a responsive theme, especially newbies who want a flashy and beautiful theme that may not be responsive and ends up slowing down their website loading time, which is strictly against Google AdSense policy.

Here are some responsive themes to use:
Generate Press
Divi Builder, etc

6. Domain or Website’s Age

Your website ought to be more than 1 to 3 Month old to get approval from AdSense. This isn’t mandatory as many new websites may be approved. But to get approval easily, ensure your website is a month old or even more.

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7. Absence of AdSense Alternatives

Don’t make use of other ad networks when your website is under review by AdSense as it may likely ruin your chance of getting approval.

Hopefully, this AdSense approval trick can help you secure AdSense approval for your website.
Ensure to adhere to every policy and don’t exclude one to be on the good side.

Alternative means of getting AdSense approval 

Purchase an already monetized AdSense websites. 

Instead of starting from scratch or building  new site from scratch,  you can purchase an already monetized AdSense website from marketplace website like is a buy and sell marketplace where you can buy digital assets like monetized youtube channel,  Facebook accounts and pages, Instagram pages, website domains,  adsense accounts. AdSense websites and lots more.

With this strategy you can save yourself the stress which comes with adsense approval. And apart from that, you can also utilize other high cpm AdSense Alternatives and also nake your money

High cpm AdSense Alternatives ads networks with instant approval. 

Apart from AdSense,  there are other better ad networks out there that can freely give you instant approval without much stress. And the best part is that, these same ad networks pays even more money than AdSense.  And they are




4. HilltopAds

5. Ad cash

6. Ad maven

7. Popads

And lots more…

With these strategies you can make more money from your blog website on a daily basis.  I hope this article has informed you, if yes, kindly share to your friends,  join us on Telegram


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