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Finally nigeria is eligible for facebook monetization | How To Earn Your First $1,000 on Facebook


Congratulations to all Nigeria creators on Facebook meta platform. Rejoice because Facebook Monetization is Now Available in Nigeria.(June 28th, 2024)

This is great news for Nigerian content creators! As of today, being June 28th, 2024, Facebook has opened its monetization programs to users in Nigeria. 

Before now, you would always see the country eligibility options as ineligible,  but currently if you check your monetization tab on your Facebook page or profile, it’s now fully eligible. This means you can now potentially earn money by creating engaging content on your Facebook page or profile and as well building a loyal audience.

Finally nigeria is eligible for facebook monetization

This article will be your one-stop guide to navigating the current Facebook monetization eligibility in Nigeria. Here We’ll cover everything including;

  • Activating the Facebook Monetization: How to turn on monetization features on your Facebook page or facebook profile.
  • All the Monetization Requirements: The key criteria you need to meet to be eligible even as your country has been made eligible. 
  • How to Fulfill Unmet Requirements: Tips on how to address any missing qualifications that could hinder you from getting monetized today. 
  • Instagram Monetization: When to expect similar opportunities on Instagram in nigeria. 
  • Facebook Payout Rates per 1000 views: Understanding how much you can potentially earn from your Facebook content(spoiler alert: there’s no set rate per view).

How to Turn on Monetization on Facebook in Nigeria today 

Ready to unlock your earning potential with the current Facebook monetization eligibility in nigeria? Here’s how to activate monetization on your Facebook account or page:

Head to Facebook page or profile: Click on the Creator Support. This is a central hub for managing your content and monetization options. You can  Access it through the Facebook Mobile app, desktop site or from any browser. 

Click the “Monetization” Tab: This section provides an overview of your facebook page or profile eligibility status and all the available monetization tools you might be eligible for.

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Review Requirements: Familiarize yourself with all of Facebook’s monetization policies to ensure your content adheres to their guidelines and be sure you met all the criteria before applying to Turn on monetization. 

For some reasons, not all monetization options will be available for you, but the instream ads for reals will be available for your facebook page and profile which requires at least 5000 followers and 60,000 minutes of watch time to be approved.

While other monetization options like ads on live stream and other ads on video ads are all available for Nigerians now, you still need to meet the criteria of having at least 600,000 minutes of watch time and at least 10,000 followers to be approved for invitations. 

Apply for Monetization: If you meet the criteria, you can initiate the application process through the monetization interface on your Facebook app.

Important Note:  Facebook will review your application to confirm your eligibility. This process might take some time to be fully approved.  But be rest assured that your application will be approved if all the criterias are all met. 

Facebook Monetization Requirements: Are You Eligible?

Before diving into monetization, ensure your account meets these essential facebook monetization criteria as mentioned above.

Facebook Page or Profile: You can monetize content through either a Facebook Page (recommended for creators) or a personal profile (with limitations). You have to make the right choice,  but I recommend having a Facebook page to avoid some limitations. 

Minimum Age: Before applying for Facebook monetization, You must be 18 years or older to be accepted.

Content Compliance: Your Facebook page or profile content must strictly adhere to Facebook’s Community Standards and Monetization Policies. If you are found violating or you previously violated any Facebook policy,  you will not be given the opportunity to monetize on facebook.

So you have to be careful and do the right thing on the platform to stay clean, this includes avoiding copyrighted material, hate speech, and violent content.

Audience Base: There are specific facebook follower/viewership thresholds depending on the chosen monetization method on your facebook page or profile.

For some monetization options you need at least 5000 followers on either facebook page or profile and 60,000 minutes watch time to get approved. Example is the instream ads on reals.

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While some others can be activated when you have at least 10,000 followers and 600,000 minutes of watch time to get monetized like the ads on live stream, video ads etc.

How to Remove Facebook Policy violations 

If any of your page or profile has already violated Facebook policy, you need to get rid of those red flags so as to get monetized. You can do that by removing all the contents that violated the Facebook policy, and you can as well appeal any violation and get the red notification removed from your page or profile.

How to meet all Facebook monetization criteria in 30 days

Completing Unmet Requirements: As you are gradually Building Your Audience on Facebook,If you fall short on some criteria, like not having the 60,000 minutes of watch time or 5000, 10,000 followers, don’t fret! Here are some tips to bolster your Facebook account and meet eligibility faster. 

Content is King: 

On your Facebook page or profile, you need to Focus on creating high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your target audience.

Even if you meet the country eligibility criteria and every other monetization option,  if you don’t have good engagement and views on your page or profile,  there won’t be any money coming in for you.

So if you can’t take it upon yourself to alway create high-quality content for your audience to always consume, you are as good as not monetized.  Facebook isn’t giving free money, you need to work to get paid, and your work is to create content.

Be Consistent: 

Stay consistent, Facebook content creation is not what you do once in a while, you have to upload contents back to back, especially when you’re growing an audience. 

You need to plan your time table and make your content plans ahead of time. Regularly publish content to keep your viewers engaged and coming back for more.

Promote Your Facebook Page: 

You can make use of Facebook meta ads to boost your Facebook page followers when starting out. But this paid boost isn’t recommended.  You can effectively promote your Facebook page organically by utilizing influencer promotional methods. 

You can pay influencers for a shootout, they will tag you on their pages while their followers will easily discover your page and follow you if your contents are relevant.  That’s why you need to always create content that focuses on a specific niche so as to attract the right audience. 

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Leverage Facebook tools and explore external promotions to increase your reach and follower count to get monetized.  You can promote your page on your blog like you can see the links to my Telegram on my blog, you can do so on Telegram channel, Instagram or any other social platform. 

Community Building:

Interact with your Facebook audience, respond to their comments, and foster a sense of community around your facebook page or profile.  Sometimes you can engage them with a giveaway offer and all of that.

When Will Instagram Monetization be in Nigeria?

While Facebook opens its doors to monetization in Nigeria today, the meta Instagram monetization for Nigeria is yet to be announced. You need to Stay tuned for future updates from official Meta (Facebook’s parent company) regarding Instagram’s eligibility timeline.

To stay updated join us on our telegram channel and join our whatsapp channel to stay updated and learn more tricks on how to make money online. 

How Much Does Facebook Pay per 1000 Views in Nigeria?

There’s no fixed payout rate per 1000 views on Facebook in Nigeria.  Your earnings depend on several factors, including:

Type of Monetization: we have In-stream ads, subscriptions monetization, and Facebook branded content partnerships will generate varying revenue.

Audience Demographics: Advertisers on facebook always target specific demographics, and views from high-value demographics typically yield higher payouts on facebook.

Engagement Rates: Facebook page or or profile Content with strong audience interaction e.g (likes, comments, shares) tends to be more valuable to advertisers. So you need to create more engaging content for the dolls to role in.


The takeaway? If you want to get monetized on Facebook or you have been monetized already and need to get more revenue, you only need to focus on creating high-quality, engaging content that attracts a loyal audience.

As your facebook viewership grows and your content resonates with valuable demographics, your earning potential increases. It’s not by magic.

There are various ways to make money online which we always discuss on our official platforms and youtube channel, you can join us on Telegram and gain access to our youtube channel videos to get our premium guides for free. Let’s see right there !

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