The major changes in Spotify for iPhone Users in Europe 2024


Recently, the Digital Market Act allowed music streaming specialist Spotify to make long-term changes to the Apple iPhone app and subscription package booking system in Europe.

Big name Spotify has made it clear that they want to make their packages and products “better”. But many people ask what does the current movement mean? Don’t worry, I will tell you about successful content in this article.

As you know, Spotify is the world’s number one most popular and popular music streaming platform. When you look at your favorite piece of art, it’s important to pay attention to what’s happening on the platform.

In 2022, according to a well-known statistic, membership subscription services account for more than 30.5% of the global market share, followed by iOS Apple Music with more than 13.7%

So now we can safely say that Spotify is too. – I called guard 1. Therefore, the digital art business refers to platforms that have a strong business, a good domestic market or a large user base and audience. And now Spotify has bigger plans for its iOS iPhone app and wants to take advantage of the Digital Marketing Act (DMA) No.

. As a leader, Spotify has a unique position and a job that comes with responsibilities. In order to meet these requirements and improve their packages and products, Europe’s popular online music services are ready for some better changes, which mainly include but are not limited to the sale of payments from iOS iPhone applications. You can start by downloading and installing it. From App Store.

From their social media pages, we see that Spotify shares on social media that they want to “do better” with the entry into force of the Digital Marketing Act (DMA) and that this means being more productive for producers and the world.

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Opportunity for creativity. “In short, they want to further separate from Apple. The starting point for the planned change is March 7.

What’s Spotify’s problem with Apple?

So what’s Apple’s problem? The company, like Spotify or other (streaming) service providers limited the ability of third-party service providers to provide information about external online services, subscriptions and more in the iPhone app.

The reason is simple: Apple wants to make money on all sales and even has to use its own payment system for in-app purchases.

Additionally, the App Store is still the only way for iPhone users to download apps or services to their devices. Pays developers: Developers must pay 30% of the purchase price of the app; The company also pays 30% for registration the first time and 15% thereafter.

Spotify announced new improvements to its iOS app.

Spotify wants to beat Apple in future bids under new rules set by the EU’s Digital Markets Act. “DMA means we can finally share EU content, ads and cheaper payment options,” Spotify said proudly.

At the same time, some contracts will be cheaper because the DMA prevents Apple from charging around 30% tax.

From March 7, 2024 Finally, Spotify users in the EU will be able to pre-order paid playlists and audiobooks directly from the iPhone app. “Currently you can’t upgrade from free to premium in the app, and we’re not even allowed to tell you

how much our different brands are, how to save, or where to buy. Be patient. This will soon change for everyone in the EU. However, it is unclear how the Spotify user experience on the iPhone app will change.

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What is Apple’s response to the Digital Markets Act? Discussion: Apple actually operates five different App stores because the platform needs to be shared

between different devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.). Therefore, the manufacturer has long remained silent about its plans to resolve the new law. EU law.

But on January 25, the company admitted defeat and announced that it would continue to allow apps not available directly in the App Store on European iPhones and iPads, thanks to the DMA.

However, this only applies to download sources that Apple has previously checked for security. They also want to allow other payment methods. These changes are expected to come with iOS 17.4.

In summary: Digital Markets Act (DMA)

The Digital Markets Act (also known as the Digital Markets Act) applies in the EU and aims to ensure that large and influential platforms, known as “gatekeepers”, are honest. online. For this purpose, the law includes various responsibilities and behaviors that platforms must fulfill.

This is to ensure they don’t use their workforce for their own benefit, such as controlling online rankings, prioritizing their own assets, and other things.

The DMA entered the EU on 1 November 2022 and will come into force from 2 May 2023. This legislation goes hand in hand with the Digital Services Act (DSA). The policy is still valid from 2022 to November 16th, to be exact. However, it will be used in the EU as of February 17, 2024.

With the DSA regulations, the European Commission wants to create a safer digital space. To this end, measures such as better options for customer complaints and the reporting of illegal content as well as the automatic filtering of false reports were determined. In addition, the sale of goods on the Internet should be more strictly controlled


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