Best Adsterra Direct Link Social media Monetization method 2024


Adsterra is one of the most popular ad networks loved by publishers and advertisers. As a publisher, you make money through different monetization strategies and ads formats which includes, social bar, native banner, direct link and other ads units.

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But as an advertiser, you promote your products or services with the advertising feature on Adsterra. You only need to setup your advertising account,  create your campaign and Adsterra will push traffic and sales to your platform or website. 

I believe you clicked on this blog article to explore my proven strategies on how to make cool money from Adsterra using the direct link? So in this article i will explain this in details and guide you from start to finish.

What is Adsterra Direct Link ?

Adsterra Direct Link is one of the ads monetization formats for all Adsterra publishers. This feature and ads unit is only available for the publisher accounts.

Adsterra Direct Link offers a good approach to monetization, allowing publishers to seamlessly make money online without the need for complex setups or extensive management. 

Adsterra direct link sign up

To start making money from adsterra with the direct link feature, you need to sign up as a publisher and get your account set up. For you to do this, you need to head over to their official website which is and sign up as a publisher.

Fill in your account details and Verify your email and your account will be set to make money.

Adsterra Direct Link earning

To start earning with adsterra direct link, you need to login to your account,  click on the left section of your account and select the direct link, after that, click on the create new direct link and in a few seconds the link will be approved.  Once approved you are qualified to make money from the link. 

When you click on the link, you should see an advertisement showing up, that is the exact thing that makes the money. And before you start getting Traffic to this link for your earnings,  there are certain things you need to put in place to avoid getting banned or blocked. 

How to use Adsterra direct link to avoid Getting Banned?

Adsterra is very strict in terms of where your traffic is coming from, that is your traffic source. The reason why the direct link and the Add website features were made available for every publisher is because they want you and i to earn more from our account through these two different mediums as publishers.  

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They already know that your website is in place and when ads are showing up on your site, you can earn more from the direct link safely but when they don’t detect any available website, your account will be at risk.

When you want to utilize only the direct link without having a website where your adsterra account is monetized with, there will be a big issue and a glitch with your traffic source which can easily result in the account being banned or blocked. Then how can you stay safe and make money from adsterra direct links?

Adsterra Direct Link monetization using the right approach. 

To achieve long term success with Adsterra without bothering yourself about accounts being banned or being blocked.  You need to have or own a website blog where your ads will be displaying.  This will signal the Adsterra bot that your account is connected to a standard website. And this will allow you to make money from the direct link without getting banned. 

You just need to contact a developer,  someone who will develop your Website blog and monetize this blog with the Adsterra ads unit using the social bar, native banner and other ads units. If you don’t have one, join us on Telegram to get your website blog fully developed and monetized for your earnings. 

Once this is setup, you will be free to use the direct link without linking it to your website but rather using social media or other means to drive massive traffic to your direct link safely. Remember the more traffic you get from both the website and the direct link, the more money that comes to your Adsterra account. 

Adsterra direct link tricks Using Facebook.

To start making money from adsterra with your Facebook,  there are a few steps that i have actually tried and they worked for me. So in this guide I will be giving you my proven strategies so you won’t end up doing something which doesn’t work.

1.Using your Facebook profile/page and the bio page.

I believe you’ve already created a Facebook account or page. When your Facebook account is created. The first possession you have is your Facebook profile. This is different from a Facebook page. You can create a Facebook page using your Facebook profile. With your Facebook profile and page,  you can make money from adsterra using the direct link. 

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Step 1:

Each time you want to make a post, be it a video , image or write up post, make sure you copy your adsterra direct link and add it at the ending part of your post for your views to click. Remember you need to shorten this link and add a call to Action alongside the link so as to get more people to click on it. 

The more clicks, views or impressions you get from that single link, the more money you see on your adsterra account balance. This is one of the best methods to monetize any social media account. These steps also work on twitter (x), thread, Linkedin or Pinterest. 

Step 2: 

Add the adsterra direct link on your profile or page bio/about section. When your Facebook account or the page is created, make sure you copy the adsterra direct link, shorten it and then add to your Facebook profile or page about or bio section. 

This will bring you more clicks from the people that visits your Facebook page and the profile. And the best part is that you don’t have to stress yourself about this, once the link is added on your bio or about page, it will generate a consistent traffic for you.

Join Facebook groups and engage with viral posts.

Make sure you join Facebook groups with good engagements and members. This will help you to stay active and drive more social traffic to your direct link without paying for it.

Step 1:

Find your favorite niche of interest,  be it gaming, movie, fashion etc, pick any trending facts that people can engage with easily.  Get an attractive image or video for that trend and post on the group you have joined already and embed your Adsterra direct link with a call to Action like learn more, read more, watch out or watch now etc.

Step 2:

Engage with viral posts. This is effective as it easily gives you a fast traffic and impressions on your direct link. And if you want to level up your game, kindly comment at least 3 to 5 viral posts daily with your link in it, so that people can easily see your comment, the link and its call to Action. 

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Adsterra direct link high cpm trick

To gain more earnings with few traffic you need to make sure your cpm is higher. CPM means cost per Miles.  That is the cost per 1000 impressions. If 1000 people see your direct link ads, how much you will get paid is dependent on your cpm. So that is the reason why you need to increase your cpm if you want more profit. 

How to increase adsterra direct link CPM

To increase your adsterra ads cpm, you need to target high cpm countries like the United States,  United Kingdom,  Canada,  Germany,  South Africa etc. These are the countries that will help you make more money.

If your traffic and clicks are coming from any of these countries then be sure of higher cpm and earnings from your direct link.

Monetize your website blog with adsterra top ads formats.

You can also increase your CPM by adding display advertisements on your website from adsterra.  Not all the ads formats are lucrative; only a few of them can give you higher cpm.

You have to add social bar, native banner and  banner 400×300. These three ads formats and units will boost your revenue when you Monetize your site with them.

What are Adsterra payout methods ?

If you’re making money from your adsterra account,  there are too many means and methods of withdrawal from the platform.  You can withdraw your money via bank account,  paypal, payoneer, cryptocurrency like USDT, BTC, ETHER etc

This is a simple strategy to make money from adsterra direct link without paying for any traffic.  And with consistency and dedication, your earnings will skyrocket and you cashout big from adsterra.  I have already made a comprehensive video guide on this, click on our YouTube page to watch now.



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