What Is Forex Factory : Meaning and Tools, Importance, and Usage

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Forex Factory is a website built specifically for forex traders, it contains many tools or indicators that one can use for effective forex trading. It can be accessed by both novices and masters in trading, and there are options for different settings to configure to your best satisfaction.

Seeing the need to know about Forex Factory and how it’s to be used, we have given a detailed explanation and information you need to know about Forex Factory, its tools and their functions, etc.

What Is Forex Factory?

Forex Factory is a website encompassing some tools which help in the trading of forex, it is more of a community due to its wide encompassment of forex tools. It makes forex trading easier and less complex, and the website also contains very effective tools such as the Economic Calendar, Forum, Market News, etc.

It was set up in 2004, and since then has been an effective tool in the hands of forex traders.
It aids in improving the market and making it more beneficial, and it has continued to work towards its aid since its inception.

How to use forex factory 

If you are new to the Forex factory, you may need some guidelines on how to use it.
First, you have to visit the Forex Factory website, and then configure it as it will best affect your trade.

Tools In Forex Factory and Their Uses.

There are many tools in the forex factory which of course makes it more outstanding, influential, and beneficial.
Those tools have their specific uses, and they entail:

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1. Forex Factory Calendar (Economic Calendar): This is a very important tool in Forex Factory. The Forex Factory Calendar is used to know the upcoming events or happenings relating to trading.

It helps equip the trader about incoming events and the impacts they will have on trade.
This calendar also gives you access to filter and select the kind of updates you want to receive regarding trading.

2. Forum: This is a forum where traders communicate, it gives a room for traders to ask questions regarding trading, either their challenges or anything about trade. Strategies are also shared among traders.

3. News Feed: Forex Factory provides its users with new feeds and market updates thereby keeping them informed about developments and changes regarding trade.

4. Broker Directory: It serves as a direction to choosing the best broker for trading as it provides reviews for brokers, thereby serving as a guide to know the one most suitable for one to use.

5. Educational Courses: It provides courses and guides to new trader seeking to improve or even experienced ones who want to advance in their trading.

6. Free Forex Signals: It provides traders with free signals about the market.
7. Currency Converter: There is a currency converter that enables you to use your favorite currency, and convert it to any currency you want.

8. Market Analysis: This provides you with an option to analyze and know happenings in the market, which enables you to make the right decision towards your trade.

9. Trader Journal: This helps traders journal and connect their brokerages, as well as store their analytics and data regarding their trade performance.

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10. Forex Calculators: One other feature is the Forex Calculators, which helps traders calculate their spending and other calculations involved in the trade market.

Importance Of Forex Factory

There are many importance of forex factory, and a lot of traders have been a testament to them. They Includes:

1. Free To Use: Forex Factory is free to use regardless of all its features. It can be accessed by anyone as long as you are interested in using it.

2. Easy To Use: Forex Factory is a very easy platform to use as a trader, there is not much complexity, and it’s easy to navigate and scale through. Even to configure it isn’t a big deal.

3. Presence of Trading Tools: The Forex Factory has lots of tools and features that can help you easily navigate through your trading career.


Forex Factory is simply a website that provides traders with the necessary tools and information, specifically trade news to ensure the smooth sailing of their trading.
The platform has also gained a good reputation since over the years, it has been trusted and used by many traders to achieve their aim.


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