5 space-saving wall brackets for the kitchen


Most of the modern houses i have seen lacks one important thing, and that is space. Not only space for the rooms and sitting room but this also affects the kitchen, making it hard for people to arrange and fix their tech gadgets in order.

If you are living in the US, Canada or Germany,  you must be conversant with these kind of buildings , most of them are mobile houses that can be taken from one place to another.  But in this guide i will reveal to you 5 space-saving wall brackets for the kitchen.

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So for all the mums out there, this tech gadget secret is dedicated for you all. Let’s dive into it.

Only very few people are granted a spacious kitchen in which they can easily accommodate all the furniture, utensils and decorations. For everyone else, paddedvibez is now introducing five space-saving wall mounts.

Everyone knows about wall mount, some persons use them for wall decoration in the sitting room, rooms and other parts of the house , but little do they know that you can also get these mounts for your kitchen if you are striving to make space for other gadgets in your kitchen.

It’s very important that all the cooking pots, appliances and spices have to be stored as nicely as possible in the kitchen – but what if there just isn’t enough space? That is the case of that young woman that inspired me in creating this article.

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I have five ideas that save space in your kitchen and I will unleash them here for free so you could get more space. So if you’re planning to rent out that apartment or move to a bigger place, hold on, don’t do that, save your money and time let me give you the trick.

1. Hang instead of standing

The simplest option is also one of the most practical: instead of putting things down, hang them up. Most people prefer living their gadgets around the floor and other places where their hands can easily reach, especially my short friends lol, thereby making any single space of the kitchen fully occupied with gadgets.

Having a Simple wall brackets can be used to conveniently store wooden spoons, ladles, spices, plants and even vegetables. This way you save space on work surfaces and create a beautiful eye-catcher.

Tip: Metal shelves are particularly suitable as hanging shelves in the kitchen. Small wooden boxes can also be repurposed and hung up as stylish shelves.

2. Store in layers

If you don’t have a lot of wall space to hang shelves and still don’t want to do without one entirely, it’s recommended not to choose a wide shelf, but rather a narrower, tall one. This takes up less space and still offers plenty of storage space.

Tip: Beautifully painted, it also serves as a colorful accent in the kitchen.

3. Use corners correctly

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Corners are often viewed as annoying, but they can also be used practically with simple means – for example with corner shelves or rotating wall brackets. They are particularly suitable for small shelves for storing spices, oils or other utensils that you need for cooking.

Tip: When it comes to rotating wall brackets, the higher it can be built, the more shelves can be attached to it.

4. Simply close it

Smaller apartments often lack space to accommodate a dining table, so the bulky piece of furniture has to be placed in the kitchen somehow. Use a folding table for this. Thanks to hinges and a lock, you can fold out the table if necessary and eat on it without any problems. If it is no longer needed, simply fold it back onto the wall and save a lot of space.

Tip: It’s best to build the table yourself. This way you can accommodate a shelf in the construction and save twice as much space.

5. Off to the wall

In addition to furniture and a table, the devices also take up a lot of space. Kettles, toasters, coffee machines and the like are not exactly little helpers in the kitchen. Similar to the shelves, you should therefore simply attach them to the wall. This is possible, for example, with the microwave using a microwave holder.

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Tip: When installing, make sure to stay close to a socket – this will avoid unnecessary cable clutter on the wall.



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