How harmful is microwave food really? Shocking discovery


Everyone is seriously rushing to a nearby gadgets Store to get a new microwave for the family but little do they know how the food microwaved in these gadgets affect their health.

After a few microwaves, dinner will be hot and ready in no time. But can this be healthy? That is the question most people are asking and we want to make it cĺear in this article.  Many people ask. Can radiation produce harmful chemicals? How can vitamins withstand heat attacks?

Millions of people around the world, especially in United States, Germany, and canada believe that a microwave oven can heat food quickly, thereby helping reduce the stress of going through the electric cook, gas or other cooking gadgets.

At the same time, we increasingly hear that microwave radiation is harmful – if not for the body, then certainly for the ingredients in food (good). So is this true? Before answering these questions, let’s take a look at how a microwave oven works.

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How does a microwave oven work?

In a microwave oven, food is heated by high frequency electromagnetic radiation. This device that produces microwaves of the same name is called a magnetron.

I met with one of my tight friend who is a graduate and a nutritionist just to confirm the effects of this microwaved food to our health. You won’t believe his response and this is backed by a thorough research and practical proof.  So let’s see his response.

As a graduate nutritionist frank explained when asked by paddedvibez media, these substances enter food, causing the water molecules contained in the food to vibrate evenly. Friction between water molecules produces heat.

Most microwave ovens have a turntable to distribute the food as evenly as possible throughout the section. The question remains if microwaved food are harmful?

Are microwaves harmful to food?

Many people believe that microwaving leads to compromise. But there is no reason for this, at least from a scientific perspective. “Food is heated from the inside and even cooked in the microwave,” explains Knopp. If the situation worsens, the food may have been there too long.

Are vitamins and nutrients lost when heated in a microwave oven?

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Knop assures that: In some cases, microwave radiation does not destroy vitamins or molecules and “does not produce harmful chemicals or the like.” However, some vitamins are sensitive to heat.

Therefore, foods containing vitamin C should only be heated briefly in the microwave, pot, or oven. For this reason, the microwave method is often preferred because it is faster. “An experiment at the Institute of Technology showed that frozen spinach lost more than 20% of its vitamins when heated on the stove. By comparison, the microwave lost only five percent. “Experts explained.

Should the microwave be avoided?

There are many people who refuse to use the microwave oven because they are afraid that electricity may cause cells to change. But Knopp cleared that air.” We agree that microwave devices are not harmful to health.” In fact, radiation can also heat the water in people’s bodies. This can be risky. But this device is well protected and even the National Energy Agency has confirmed this on its website:


“Technically excellent devices (…)” there is no longer any risk to health even for people who are not very strong. Such as pregnant women or children.” You do not need to be directly in front of or near the appliance while it is operating. In fact, there is no documented case that microwave use is harmful to humans.


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