How To Increase Website Traffic Through Social Media

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To increase website traffic through social media, first, you’ll have to share your content on social media platforms. Normalize doing that. Also, you don’t stop there, you also engage with your followers on social media. Building a connection with your audience is important if you want to get traffic to your site.

Well, these are just a few tips on how to increase your website traffic through social media. In this article, you will be reading 7 ways on how to increase your website traffic through social media.

How To Increase Website Traffic Through Social Media

To increase your website traffic through social media, follow these tips:

  1. Share Contents On Social Media Platforms

The first tip to increase your website traffic is to share your website links on social media. You cannot hope that your website get social traffic without sharing your blog posts on social media. 

To get traffic, it would be wise to write content that is trending to get engagement on your website. You could write about recent happening in your country for people to develop an interest in what your website has to offer.

Remember, before sharing your website’s contents on social media, be sure to add internal links to these articles. This should be done to enable users to stay long on your website

  1. Engage On Social Media

It would be awkward just posting your links on social media without engaging with your audience. This is one mistake many website owners make when they want to get traffic from social media. 

Social media was invested in interaction. So, take time to interact with your social media audience. Build that connection. When you have little connection with your audience, they may not be willing to click any links on your website.

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To understand what is meant, compare your interactiveness with your social media followers with your competition. 

  1. Use Hashtags

The use of hashtags in a social media post should not be underestimated. Hashtags show that you are willing to be in touch with trends on social media. It also allows your followers to find your posts.

Hashtags help your posts reach a higher audience. Don’t make a post on social media without using hashtags on your post. When you post your website link, you can also use hashtags but do not stuff it all over it. 

  1. Run Ads

If you aim to reach a larger audience, then, running ads is the best choice for you. If you use a platform like Facebook, you can select a specific target audience to where your website content is relevant. 

Choose an appropriate budget for running ads. You don’t want to use a budget that is too small or too large. Your ads budget should be one that should run the ads until completion. You should also take note of your ad objective.

Your choice would let the platform you choose to run the ads whether you intend to build awareness about your website or to direct viewers to your website. All these should be carefully thought about before running a social media ad.

  1. Insert Your Links To Your Profile

Inserting your website links on your social media profile is another sure way of increasing your website traffic. When your social media friends visit your social media profile and come across the link, they are moved to click on it.

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You could make an autobiography article about yourself on your website. After creating the autobiography article, you could place the link of this link on your profile. Anyone who comes across your profile would tap on the link, which would, in turn, increase your website traffic.

  1. Encourage Your Audience To Visit Your Website

Always encourage your audience to visit your website. You can offer them special coupons, or rewards for visiting your website. 

Your social media posts can be structured in such a way that your website would provide a full story of news or information. Instead of posting the full story of an incident on your social media page, you could lead your audience to your website to get the full story. 

  1. Hire Influencers

You can equally pay influencers on social media to give your blog a co-sign. With the co-sign, other people would be prompted to check out your website, and in turn, you may experience traffic.

However, it is good to note that, after getting a co-sign from an influencer, your blog should be not regularly up-to-date with the latest content. Once new visitors sense that your blog doesn’t meet the standard, it may be difficult for the same set of visitors to visit the blog next time.


Which social media is best for website traffic?

The social media that are best for website traffic are Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, TikTok, and Instagram. When your traffic comes from these sources, they yield higher revenue. They are recognized from advertising and digital marketing platforms.

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How do you build social media traffic?

To build social media traffic, begin by sharing your links to your social media pages. Also, you can use high-volume hashtags and regularly engage with your followers. These are methods you can employ to build social media traffic.

Which social media is easier to go viral on?

The best social media to go viral on is TikTok. TikTok is structured in a way where your content can go viral within a short time.

Can I go viral with no followers?

On social media, it is easy to go viral with little or no followers. You just have to make one viral content, and everything will change.

What are the three sources of traffic on a website?

The three best sources of traffic on a website are organic traffic from search engines, social traffic from social media, and email listing.


Social Media, if properly utilized can be used as an authentic traffic source for your blog. By implementing these tips, you would experience increased traffic which would, in turn, lead to increased earnings.


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