Best paid traffic sources for CPA and affiliate marketing

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If you are here to get the best-paid traffic sources for CPA and affiliate marketing, then you are at the right place. When talking about the best, many people have diverse opinions on that.

To some, they want a traffic source that is quite affordable to run their affiliate marketing link. The majority, on the other hand, would want an effective traffic sources article, the best-paid traffic sources for CPA and affiliate marketing would be carefully highlighted.

Mobile traffic

This is one of the best traffic sources. In most tier-one countries, the use of mobile is rampant. Therefore, this would increase the chances of you getting traffic to your affiliate marketing link.

For instance, many social media platforms such as Facebook a home for affiliate marketers. It has been noticed that Facebook’s revenue increased because of its high use of video advertising. 

However, when using mobile traffic you need to keep in mind that there are many formats. This format may include popunder, banners, push notifications, and so on. The amazing part of using mobile traffic is that it is relatively cheaper than others.

Search Traffic

Search traffic is important if you are looking to leverage SEO. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This search engine optimization helps your affiliate link to rank in the first pages of Google. It is important to note that there are two forms of search traffic:

Organic Traffic

Paid Traffic

Organic Traffic

is traffic that comes from search engines. This organic traffic is important because it helps in getting real-time viewers that love your blog. In turn, they would click on your affiliate link without trouble. This is the best form of traffic. This is because your CTR would be better than those with paid traffic.

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Paid Traffic

on the other hand, means traffic paid through advertising companies. This traffic usually entails paying a specified sum of money to an organization to help boost your blog search on the internet.

With paid traffic, you need to know that some Google Cost per Click (CPC) per ad may be higher than that of a normal advertising network. You can do further research to find an advertising network with less CPC.

Social Traffic:

Social traffic is the use of social media channels to get clicks on your affiliate marketing links. This is undoubtedly one of the best-paid traffic sources for CPA and affiliate marketing.

Expert affiliate marketers make use of social media traffic to boost revenue on their links. The most viable social media traffic includes the following such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. 

However, when it comes to social media traffic one needs to know that you need to target a particular audience. Audience is very key. For example, when you are targeting search traffic, you need to make sure that you get information regarding them.

Native Ads

Native ads are another option if you are looking for paid traffic. Native ads are used because of their versatility. It is less intrusive, unlike other ad formats.

It tends to get the user’s attention and present a retention that is higher than that of a banner. Advertisers also love the native ads, which represent 61% of engagement.

The trick on native ads is that the cost per click (cpc) is quite cheap. This is because it attracts a lot of people naturally. It competes for site placement.  There are a couple of good native advertisers which include: 

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Traffic Stars



Rich ads.

You can try them out and drop your review below.

Cost per View Traffic 

This traffic is also known as Pay-per-view (PPV). This traffic of advertisers is most common among content creators. Cost per view is a cost incentive method that helps users pay depending on the number of times an ad is shown to a client.

PPV advertisers are unique because they install toolbars at the top of your dashboard for you to earn money easily.

Additionally, PPV advertiser’s module operandi is that they bid on a particular site and when users enter that site, they are welcomed by intrusive ads. The benefits of Cost-per-view (CPV) advertising include the following:

– Good landing pages.

– Affordable targeting audience

– Low rate of ban.

The challenges of PPV include the following:

– The quality of traffic is low.

–  Minimum deposit traffic is huge.

– Less PPV traffic sources

URL Shortening Tool

One of the rare, yet effective tools. Url shorteners are linked that provide a shorter form of your URL. It directs traffic to the page they want to enter without problems. Usually, there are a lot of URL shorteners.

They are link shorteners that allow people to earn when people visit the website. However, URL shorteners such as allow users to earn. The higher the number of visits to the website, the higher your chances of earning.

Url shortener such as the one mentioned above uses interstitial ads. This ad allows users to view ads for 5 seconds and then skip them.

Mainstream Traffic

These are paid traffic that can be seen by all. They are easily seen by people of all sorts. They do not have an age limit for viewing. Many mainstream advertisers use mainstream ads such as Adsterra, Monetag, and Pop ads. 

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Many affiliate marketing programs use this to boost revenue to their links. They can also work if you need people to visit your site. Niches such as Sports, Gaming, Relationships, Travel, Mainstream VOD, e-commerce, or Finance can benefit from them.


What is the best affiliate platform for affiliate marketing?

The best platform for traffic in affiliate marketing is SEO advertising. However, you can also leverage social media traffic.

How do I get huge traffic on affiliate marketing?

The following can be used such as:






How do you get paid traffic?

You can get paid traffic with the following platform:

Paid ads on social media.

Bings ads.

Google ads.

Can you make $100 a day with affiliate marketing?

Yes. You can make more than $100 a day with affiliate marketing. 


The best CPA and affiliate marketing traffic sources vary from one platform to another. For example, Pinterest deals with pictures and jpeg known as pins.

Additionally, Quora deals with answering relatable questions. So, you need to know what works for a particular traffic source and leverage it.


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