How to fix air conditioner noise issues in 30 minutes


Though it’s not always, but a condenser problem is probably to be blamed if your air conditioner makes rattling or loud banging noises. The following are various causes of this unsettling sounds along with potential fixes:

Particles of Dirt Accumulating in Your Condenser.

The sound of the air conditioner pounding or rattling might not always indicate a serious issue that is difficult to fix or resolve. But this noise may be caused by dirt particles, leaves, or sticks becoming lodged in the condenser.

For instance, if your outdoor unit where the air conditioners is being fixed is surrounded by shrubs, the little leaves and twigs may become lodged if you don’t clean the condenser for a while.

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Possible Solution:

To get the trapped objects out of the way and get the noise resolved, remove the condenser cover. If operating your AC system seems difficult for you, you might want to hire an expert to handle this task so you don’t get into another problem with your air conditioner.

It maight be Screws that are loose

Loose screws also cause a lot of rattling sounds in an air conditioner when an air conditioner is turned on, as you already know that both the indoor and outside units vibrate. These vibrations have the potential to loosen the screws over time and cause that unwanted noise.

Possible Solution:

Using a screwdriver to tighten the screws can resolve this issue easily. And you don’t have to be a tech expect to handle this.

It might be the Compressor or Fan Motor Breaking.

An audible upon activation is the worst-case situation for your air conditioner. A malfunctioning fan or compressor could be the cause of that unusual noise from your air conditioner.

Conversely, if the noise emanating from your air conditioner is so loud, it can be the result of an imbalanced fan or a malfunctioning air conditioner fan .

Possible Solution

The simple fix is to replace the compressor or fan. You don’t need to start repairing the fan because that won’t solve the problem. Buying a new fan or compressor will be the right fix which can be expensive but worth it.

Instead of squandering money on repairs if your air conditioner is more than ten years old, it is preferable to let it go and get a new one, but if it’s not of age, then buy a new fan to avoid spending money on new air conditioner.

Consider getting repairs done if your compressor is covered by a lifetime warranty; otherwise, you will simply need to pay for the labor. There could be other several causes for this:

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It could be Incorrect Fan Bearings:

This is a metal-on-metal screaming noise that appears when you switch on your air conditioning unit, this indicates that the fan motor bearings are defective or worn out and requires serious attention.

The following is the solution for you to implement:

Make sure the bearings are lubricated.

Occasionally, noises may arise from dry or poorly lubricated air conditioner bearings. On the other hand, you may attempt lubricating the air conditioner bearings using grease, oil, or any other lubricant if they are accessible.

Dust off the bearings:

Accumulated dirt and dust can interfere with the Air Conditioner bearings’ ability to function smoothly. In this case Use a soft cloth or pressurized air to gently clean the bearings and get rid of any debris. Proceed with caution and try not to harm the Damaged or Frayed Belt.

Another source of squealing sounds is a worn-out or damaged fan belt.

Central air conditioning units are the most common source of this kind of noise. Older models include a belt connecting the AC and fan, and this belt might break down with time.

In addition, the belt may compress and expand in the summer owing to high humidity levels, which may result in an unpleasant noise.

Possible Solution:

A new fan belt needs to be installed when the old one wears out. While it’s possible to do this yourself, it’s best to leave it to an expert to handle to avoid more issues arising.

It could Compressor Unit High Pressure.

A high-pitched screaming noise coming from your air conditioner indicates that your compressor is experiencing high pressure.

Possible Solution:

As soon as possible, turn off the air conditioning since excessive pressure can build up and explode over time.

There might be Pulsating Noise Coming from the Air Conditioner.

You may not need to worry if your air conditioner is producing slow, pulsating noises. But an issue is indicated if the noise is strong.

It could be an Unfastened Fan Blade or Coil.

This AC noise could be caused by a fan blade or coil that has become loose over time and you don’t know about it.

Solution: All you have to do to get your AC working again is to tighten the screws with a screw driver.

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It could be Contact Between Refrigerant Lines and AC Walls

A pulsing sound may be produced by friction and vibrations between refrigerant lines and walls if they come into contact with one another.

Possible Solution:

Add insulation by moving the wires a little bit away from the wall. You can achieve this by adding foam or rubber.

Another cause of this might be Leakage of refrigerant. One possible cause of leaking refrigerant is damage to the refrigerant line.

Possible Solution: Since there isn’t a do-it-yourself fix for this issue, you would need to get in touch with an expert.


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