Why was my ShareASale application declined?


Why was my ShareASale application declined? 

This is a question that most affiliates and Marchants ask on a daily basis after being rejected by the affiliate Marketplace.

ShareASale is a program that is conversant among affiliates and merchants alike. It is a platform that allows both affiliates and merchants to earn and get more customers. It works to satisfy both categories of people.

ShareASale affiliate is designed to promote different merchants who have registered products available on the ShareASale program. ShareASale provides a platform where people can earn money without stress.

Merchants, on the other hand, make ends meet by getting more clients for their products. Usually, this is due to the effort of the affiliates.

Unlike many affiliate platforms, ShareASale is a unique platform that helps clients get what they need through the effort of affiliate and merchant programs. The customer base of the network is quite big and this makes it very good for both parties.

Reasons ShareASale Affiliate Network is the Best

The following are the reasons the ShareASale affiliate network is the best. Do well to read through the article so you can get the needed points:

  1. User-Friendly Interface:

When it comes to the ShareASale program, the interface is super friendly. This is because the ShareASale program allows people to find the various affiliate programs available at a specific time. This is one of the reasons there are new visitors to the website every day.

  1. Small Withdrawal Amount:

The withdrawal amount of the ShareASale can be easily attained. When compared to another affiliate platform, the ShareASale program provides the most viable withdrawal amount. The minimum amount for the ShareASale program is $50.

So, once your affiliate program reaches $50, you need to process your withdrawal immediately. They have several withdrawal methods. Additionally, they offer several payment packages.

  1. Multiple Categories

The categories to earn on ShareASale are very vast. You can easily get to use any category you find fitting to carry out your operations. You can use multiple products to promote and grow your earnings.

  1. Fast approval

The approval rate of ShareASale is quite fast and reliable. If you are an affiliate or a merchant, the approval process is quite fast especially if you have a standard website blog where you would promote their products. 

  1. Pay per lead program:

Pay per lead is a way where you can earn by getting visitors to sign up on the site. Also, you can earn on ShareASale with pay-per-lead by getting new visitors to view the client’s site. Just like a marketer, you would get paid a commission for it.

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How to get approved for the ShareASale program?

You can get approved on the ShareASale program by following the following instructions:

Step 1: Meet the ShareASale Affiliate Requirements

Just like any platform, you need to meet the ShareASale affiliate program requirements. The requirements of the ShareASale program consist of the following:

– A website with good traffic. Get a good domain. If you don’t have one, you can join us on Telegram and get your website fully developed and monetized. 

– have Gmail account or A company email address with your domain.

– Do well to provide accurate information about yourself.

– Your site content must be in the English Language.

– Be sure that the content you provide is legitimate and true.

Step 2: Create an Affiliate account on ShareASale:

To sign up as an affiliate on ShareASale, provide the following:

– Visit the ShareASale website

– Click on the Signup button found on the site.

– Create an attractive username and password.

Step 3: Enter your website

It is pertinent that you input your website on the ShareASale platform. Your website must fulfill the requirements above. Once you have fulfilled the requirements, you need to share your promotion strategy.

Step 4: Enter your Email

The next step is to enter your email in the space provided. This is to make sure that ShareASale approves your account. Make sure you input your business email. It is advised that your email address matches your business website.

Step 5: Select Payout Details:

The next step is to select your payout detail. You have different options to choose from. You can choose ACH transfer, wire transfer, Payoneer, and so on.

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Reasons your ShareASale application was rejected

  1. The domain that you used may not be active, or you do not add your blog website domain.
  2. Traffic problems; there is no proof to show where you will promote their products like a blog or YouTube channel.
  3. Website features adult content 
  4. Your email is not active 
  5. Your website has content that promotes violence, hatred, or illegal activities.
  6. Your country doesn’t support ShareASale 

What to do when your ShareASale application is rejected

You can work on your website when it is rejected. If you don’t have significant traffic on your website, do well to pump traffic to your website.

You can do this either through social media or by working on your SEO. For social media traffic, make sure you employ the use of ads. For instance, Facebook ads allow you to promote your blog post immediately.

However, if your email is not active you can run a quick edit on it. Yes. You can do this by changing the name of your email . This would give your application a more professional look.

If your website was rejected because of adult content, change your niche. Sometimes the niche you belong to may pose a threat to your application. Make sure to move to a more user-friendly niche. Niches like sports, entertainment, and so on are more accepted.

How to Get an approved Shareasale Account Without Applying. 

You can get an already approved shareasale account and begin making your money from paddedvibez team. These are team of experts with lots of approved shareasale Account which you can buy and start making your money.

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To get yours, kindly join the Telegram channel and contact @realminsjohnfrancis on Telegram to purchase yours with a discount price.


Who is eligible for ShareASale?

ShareASale requires affiliates to have an active site, and social media presence amongst others.

What is the minimum withdrawal from ShareASale?

The default minimum is usually $50. However, it can be set higher.

Do I need a website to join ShareASale?

Yes. You need a website to join ShareASale.


Your ShareASale application was declined due to several reasons. This reason may be that your website is not up to date. Another may be that your email address does not carry the tone of being a professional.

Additionally, your application can get declined if your site possesses some adult content. You should effect corrections from your end before applying again. This time hopefully your account is approved!


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