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Online Affiliate marketing business model has transformed the way businesses and individuals promote their products and services online to generate higher sales and revenue.

ShareASale is a leading affiliate marketing network and marketplace that connects merchants (products owners) with affiliates (products promoters) to facilitate a strong mutually beneficial online partnerships.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the essential Strategies of ShareASale, exploring how ShareASale operates, its key features, and the topmost benefits it offers to both the affiliates and their registered merchants.

What is ShareASale Affiliate Network?

ShareASale as you already know is an affiliate Marketplace that acts as an intermediary between the merchants (the sellers of products or services) and affiliates (the promoters who earn commissions for driving sales or leads). It was Founded in the year 2000. 

How does ShareASale Works for Affiliates?

For all registered affiliates, ShareASale affiliate network provides a straightforward and user-friendly avenue to discover, promote, and earn huge commissions from a wide range of merchants and their products and services. 

How to start making money on ShareASale as an affiliate?

1.Registration and Profile Setup:

As an Affiliates, you begin by signing up for a ShareASale account, make sure you provide all necessary information such as your website URL, promotional methods, and payment preferences. Once your account is approved, you can then gain instant access to the platform’s dashboard and resources.

Remember if you want to start making money on this platform as an affiliate you need a standard website blog which gives you higher credibility and this can also help fasten the approval process. With your website blog, you can promote as many products as possible without restrictions. 

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Generate Affiliate product Links: 

As soon as you login into your account,  you need to explore the available merchants and their products which suits your niche and audience interests. You can then generate a unique affiliate links. These links contain special codes that track the traffic and sales generated by the affiliate which ensures an accurate commission attribution.

Promotion and Marketing for Traffic: 

Remember once you’ve registered, gotten your approval, and got some products to promote, the earnings you wish for won’t appear as magic. You need platforms where you can gather up your audience and share these relevant links to.

With this affiliate links in hand, all registered affiliates can now promote the merchant’s products or services through various traffic channels, including websites, blogs, social media,youtube channel, email newsletters, and more. For a beginner i recommend you have at least a website blog and a youtube channel. It will helo you a lot in building your audience and generating revenue. 

You just need to be creative, providing good contents to your audience on both youtube and blog website. Remember you need to be consistent in this. The more contents you have ,the more the traffic comes up.

Shareasale Commission Payouts: 

As the sales or leads are generated through their affiliate links, affiliates can now earn commissions based on the merchant’s stated payout structure. 

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Tips for Maximizing earnings with ShareASale.

Whether you’re a ShareASale affiliate looking to monetize your online presence or an approved merchant seeking to grow your business through the affiliate marketing model, here are some tips for maximizing success with ShareASale affiliate marketplace.

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For ShareASale Affiliates:

Make sure you choose the Right Merchants and Products with good reputation and higher demands : And don’t forget to focus on promoting products or services that align with your audience’s interests and needs.

Create High-Quality Content: 

Like i stated earlier,  you shouldn’t go into affiliate marketing without having audience or platforms where you can gather up your audience. It’s very important to have at least a website blog or a youtube channel, or even both. Make sure you Invest in creating engaging and valuable content which your audience wants to see. 

For ShareASale merchants

It’s important you Offer a Competitive Commissions and Incentives to your affiliates: an attractive commission rates can equally increase the performance of your product  and also offering incentives too can attract top-performing affiliates.

It’s also good to Provide Affiliates with Promotional Materials such as banners, images, videos, audios and ad copy to support their marketing efforts and increase product conversions.


ShareASale affiliate network stands as a cornerstone of the affiliate marketing industry, infact this is the only affiliate program that i can boldly recommend to all new affiliate marketers. They empower affiliates and merchants to forge lucrative partnerships and drive mutual success. Get started now and begin cashing out.


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