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The Ultimate Guide to Instant ShareASale Approval For Affiliates


Shareasale is one of the most popular affiliate Marketplaces today that connects merchants, the sellers of products or services with affiliates, the publishers or marketers who promote these products or services in exchange for a commission on each sale.

Shareasale has paid out over $5 million to their affiliates and with the high rate of Payouts here and there, many people are venturing into affiliate marketing through ShareASale.  And in this article i will walk you through on how to start your affiliate marketing journey with ShareASale and Cashout at least $500+ per month.

This is what has been working for me and my students and I believe if you focus on my simple strategy, you too can become a professional affiliate marketer with ShareASale.  And note; this will work for you even if you’re a total beginner. So let’s get into it.

Before we get started,  let me quickly share some of my earnings from this very platform. 

ShareASale payment proof | minsjohnfrancis.com

As you can see above,  that was one of my earnings on ShareASale and i won’t upload all my earning and withdrawal screenshot on this web page, if you want to learn or see more, join our Telegram channel from here to see more proofs.

There are lots of affiliate Marketplaces out there but one of the problem most affiliate face is regional restrictions.  Some of these affiliate Marketplaces don’t accept some countries, mostly African countries.  Affiliate Marketplaces like clickbank, digistore 24 etc don’t accept countries like Nigeria, Ghana etc.

That is where ShareASale comes in, you can begin making money on ShareASale from any part of the world. That means no matter where you’re reading this from, you can become part of this community and earn consistently online. That is one of the importance and advantages of choosing ShareASale over other Marketplaces. 

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Because ShareASale is available all over the world doesn’t mean you just have to move in and move out at will, no no no. The platform has their own pride and that is review before approval.  That is where the problem comes in.

II. Understanding ShareASale Approval Process

In as much as you need to get reviewed by the platform before getting approval, majority of people recently end up not getting approval even after submitting their applications for review. The reaon why it’s like this is because majority are cashing out daily from ShareASale. And if you come to my channel on youtube, i have already made several videos on how to get paid consistently from ShareASale and almost all my subscribers are earning money from this platform. 

ShareASale’s approval criteria.

To get approved by ShareASale,  there are certain criteria you should meet. And these are important if you want to earn money from the platform in a long run. One of the best criteria to meet is 

  1. Having a platform 

Shareasale won’t take you seriously if you’re just in for the money without owning a platform of your own. Having a platform will not only give you the opportunity to get approval but it will also help you get more traffic, make lots of sales and generate more revenue. 

You might be asking the type of platform I’m talking about? I’m talking about owning a blog, youtube channel or a huge following on your social media page. Like I took my time to write this article for my readers and posted it on my blog minsjohnfrancis.com, this is automatically my platform now.

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If you’re my die hard fan you will know that I emphasize more on this topic.  And almost all my students who got approved on Shareasale have their own blog website fully developed and monetized. 

To Meet the number one criteria for Shareasale approval,  it’s important to get your platform ready, be it a website blog or YouTube channel. 

2. Providing Accurate Registration Details. 

When you want to get instant approval from ShareASale without getting into trouble in future,  you need to make sure you provide accurate information about yourself when registering.  Don’t try to play smart on the platform because you will end up getting hooked in the long run.

Don’t use fake details,  fake websites or sites that are not yours. I have seen some people coming to my Telegram platform from my YouTube channel asking if they can use someone else’s site to apply? The answer to that is NO.

Ignoring these simple criterias are Common reasons for application rejections.

III. Preparing Your Website for ShareASale

To gain instant approval from ShareASale,  make sure you get your website blog developed or get a YouTube channel with at least 1000 subscribers and a good number of video contents.  This will boost up your credibility and help you get approval faster.

If you want to gain approval with a website blog, make sure you get a developer that will fully develop and get your website set for ShareASale approval. If you don’t have a trusted developer,  you can join my community and get your website fully developed and monetized by my team.

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Optimizing website design and content.

When your website is fully developed,  then publish at least 10 to 20 articles on the blog and go over to ShareASale and create a new account with your details and that of your fully developed website. Ensure the website contents meets ShareASale’s requirements.

With all these in place, just submit your application and you will get approval in the next 24 to 48 hours. And get ready to print some dollars. 

Alternative way to get faster approval 

If you don’t want to go through the stress of creating a website blog, youtube channel and the rest of that. You can easily purchase an already approved shareasale account and begin making your money.

You just need to download Telegram or whatsapp  and join paddedvibez community on Telegram or via whatsapp.  Chat @realminsjohnfrancis on Telegram to purchase an already approved shareasale account and begin making your money.


Getting approval from ShareASale has been so difficult for the past few months because of the huge amount people are making and the competition is getting higher.  So one of the recommended ways to get out of the trouble of regular application rejections is to purchase an already existing and approved shareasale account and have peace.


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