top 10 must-have gadgets if you want to earn full time income online 

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Most of the constant questions I get each day from my audience are “what are the necessary items or tools needed to start an online business?” “Do I need a laptop before I can start making money online?” “Do I need big gadgets before I can start an online business?” and many others.

It’s no more a hidden fact that most businesses,  individuals are all moving their products, careers and Skills online to generate more revenue. But one of the major problems people face today is lack of information on how to get started, what you need to get into the online space and the required tools and gadgets to achieving success.

Like you already know, when you want to start an offline business, you will have to make some necessary arrangements for a space for your business.  It might be an office,  shop or a landed space for shade. The same thing is applicable when you want to venture into online business.  

So in this article i will walk you through the top 10 must-have gadgets if you want to earn full time income online. And you don’t have to worry about spending money,  most of the essential gadgets i will be listing down here are what you already have in your possession.  

Importance of having the right gadgets to succeed in earning a full-time income online.

As books and pens are so valuable for students in the educational sector,  so are gadgets and tools important for online entrepreneurs.  You can’t go to the farm without tools and expect to get the best result for the day, likewise online business.  You can seek success in the online space and not have the right tools to get started and keep pushing. Let’s go over to the 

top 10 must-have gadgets if you want to earn full time income online. 

The first on our list is

Smartphone or Mobile Devices

Almost everyone uses a mobile phone and if you’re in this age and time without a mobile phone,  mehn. Your version of person needs to be updated. If you’re a beginner or an advanced online entrepreneur You need at least a smartphone to succeed in your online business journey. 

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I started my first online business with just a mobile phone,  I built my first blog, wrote my first blog post, recorded my first YouTube video with just a mobile phone. And the funny part is that I’m still using my mobile phone till now because it makes work easier for me and I can work no matter where I am.

The blog article you’re reading right now was written with my mobile phone, published and optimized with my smartphone. All I need is to just install the necessary mobile apps needed for each of these jobs.

If you want to make your first money online. Then your smartphone is the number gadget to use for that mission. 

Laptop or Desktop Computer

There are many benefits of having a laptop or desktop for online businesses, like Accessibility, Versatility, Convenience and others. Having a laptop will give you access to many sites, softwares, platforms that doesn’t accept mobile users or smartphones.

If you want to make money online  in the long run, it’s important you have a laptop. If you’re in the video editing, programming,freelancing, or digital marketing categories, you will require a laptop or desktop to carry out some tedious work effectively. 

High-Speed Internet Connection

You can’t be an online entrepreneur and not talk about internet connection or speed. When all your businesses, Clients, and audience are all based online,  then you have to be online 24/7. And you can’t achieve that without having a good internet speed.

You won’t like a situation where you meet a bigger opportunity or handle a job online and all of a sudden the internet tripped off and stopped working.  That alone is a huge discouragement from the people you work with. It’s important you invest in a good network, Mifi or wifi for better internet experience. 

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Quality Headphones or Earbuds

I can’t talk about the best gadgets for online entrepreneurs without mentioning headphones or earbuds. Someone like me can not do without this exact gadget.

Headphones and earbuds are important when you want to edit videos, listen to podcasts, training or online meetings. Sometimes you use this gadgets to stay out of stress by listening to your favorite music artist.

Headphones and earbuds are so important and can be used as quality audio devices for communication, for virtual meetings, and consuming online content. I Recommend going for noise-canceling headphones or earbuds for minimizing distractions in a remote work environment.

Webcam or camera 

The online space is full of virtual contents and this is made possible with good quality cameras.  Most people enjoy consuming video content rather than reading articles.

And when offering this video content,  it’s important you use the best camera gadget. 

As a YouTuber and blogger. I know how important my camera is to me and this has made my video contents stand out. Camera and webcams are important and I recommend you go for high-quality webcam or camera for your video conferencing, online meetings, and content creation.

External Storage Devices

Have you ever gotten to the point where your device warned you that your storage is full? This is a regular case for online entrepreneurs.  Because we have to keep records, store files, and important documents on our devices, and because of this, there will always be a high demand for external Storage Devices. 

This is important to everyone, even if you’re using a desktop device or a smartphone, you will have to support your inbuilt storage with an external Storage Device so as to avoid the story that touches the heart. You already know that you might lose your desktop or smartphone,  or they get infected by a virus which can lead to loss of important files. 

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In such a case, if you already have an external Storage Device, it won’t bother you much because your files and data are all backed up already. This is important for backup solutions and extra storage for safeguarding important files and data.


When venturing into any online business,  it’s important that you get the necessary items and gadgets required for such business.  And each online business has it own essential gadgets that is required to keep the business going.

For instance; if you want to start blogging,  having at least a smartphone will go along way in helping you make your first million as a blogger. And when you have that in place. You don’t need any other listed gadgets above.

And to start a YouTube channel, you can start by also running the business with your mobile phone, using your phone as camera,  microphone,  screen recording for tutorial videos.  And as time goes on, you can choose to buy a quality camera or webcam,  microphone and laptop for quality videos.

The most important thing is getting Started,  and as you keep going,  there will always be a room for improvements.  So don’t procrastinate because you don’t have all the gadgets listed above. One gadgets can make you millions from that online business you’re into. So let’s get into business now , see you at the top.


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