Clean the oven with steam – without much effort


It’s one thing to have an oven and another thing to keep it clean and functional.  Most homes today uses oven and most of them fail to follow the simple maintenance guidelines,  so in this article i will walk you through on how to Clean the oven with steam – without much effort.

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Some ovens have a self-cleaning pyrolysis function that burns the dirt. Almost all the new oven i bought for my home all have this self cleaning pyrolysis and it helps keep the oven clean.

Others can also clean themselves with steam. And You can easily carry out this process yourself – you just need a suitable pot for it.

Over time, dirt and grease build up in the oven and cause unsightly incrustations. Scrubbing by hand is tedious – and often doesn’t achieve the desired result.

Some people also use chemical cleaners. But do you really want to breathe in the fumes while your head is stuck in the oven? A trick with steam helps clean the oven almost all by itself.

Clean the oven with steam – here’s how it works

All you need for this life hack is a pot or casserole that is suitable for the oven. All vessels made of metal or enamel are suitable for this – if they do not have plastic handles. This is how you can clean the oven with steam.

Kindly follow this steps carefully to get the result that you seek for. This is a proven trick that works for my and the people around me and you can as well achieve even better result with this. So let’s go, the first step;

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Fill the pot with water. Distilled water is particularly suitable because it does not leave any limescale residue. Half a cup of vinegar increases the cleaning effect.

Heat the oven to around 230 degrees and heat for at least half an hour, preferably a full hour. Meanwhile, the water should begin to evaporate and soften the incrustations.

Then let the oven cool down with the door open, which takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

Now wipe out the oven with a sponge or kitchen towel. And allow it to dry then Recheck and review your oven.  Does it look great now? I believe your answer is yes. Complete!

The reaosn why most people find most things difficult is that they lack the basic information to that effect.  If you have the right information,  most things will be achievable for you. With this simple knowledge i Believe your oven will always be kept clean at all cost.

In contrast to the pyrolysis function of some ovens, the steam method does not produce smelly smoke. It can happen that the smoke detector goes off.

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