How To Use Automatically Cook on Panasonic Microwave


We live in a very busy world and every moment is important, so learning to cook is one of the things you need to know, so I will show you how to cook in a Panasonic microwave.

I know you want to cook delicious meals with less effort and time, it is very possible and having a Panasonic microwave oven with induction cooking makes it even more fun.

Here we will learn how to use automatic cooking in the Panasonic microwave oven and ideas we can use to make our experience better.

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Auto Cook is a feature that simplifies programming by adjusting the strength and cooking time of different types of food to suit different cooking needs.

So I will guide you to choose the right food, enter the weight of the food and start cooking with just a few clicks. You’ll also unlock a wealth of knowledge and skills to create unique results with your Panasonic microwave oven.

What is automatic cooking in the Panasonic microwave?

Panasonic Microwave’s Auto Cook feature uses built-in sensor technology to detect room and cook food without needing to adjust power, weight or cooking time.

The sensor detects the moisture in the food and adjusts the cooking process accordingly. This method eliminates the risk of overcooking or undercooking foods and ensures they are cooked to the desired level.

The Panasonic Microwave Automatic Cooker is ideal for busy people who want to save time and energy in the kitchen. It’s also good for beginners who don’t know the differences in power and cooking time for different types of food.

Panasonic microwave oven’s automatic cooking system allows you to cook rice, pasta, potatoes, vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, etc. You can cook various foods. You can quickly reheat leftovers, defrost frozen meals, and make popcorn.

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Select the appropriate menu, enter the weight of the food and press Start. The microwave will do something else for you.

How to use automatic cooking in Panasonic microwave oven

Using automatic cooking in Panasonic microwave oven is very simple and easy. You should follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Place the food in a microwave-safe container and make sure it has enough contents. You can put a suitable lid on top or cover it with plastic wrap with ventilation holes.

Make sure the plate is large enough to spread the food as it cooks. Do not use metal containers or utensils, which may damage the microwave oven or cause a flash.

Step 2: Open the microwave door and place the plate on the glass. Close the door tightly.

Step 3: Press the induction cooker button on the panel. The display will show P1 and the word “SENSOR” will flash.

Step 4: Press the induction cooking button repeatedly until you see the menu you want on the screen. The Panasonic microwave oven has 12 automatic cooking options as shown below.

P3 Potato 100-800 g

P4 Fresh vegetables 100-800 g

P5 Frozen vegetables 100-800 g 44454

P4 vegetables 4440 P6444010

40 0g

P8 Chicken 200-800 gr

P9 Beef / lamb chops 200-600 g

P10 pork chop 200-600 g

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P11 Reheating 100-500 g 44414 4 54 back menu, press the weight and Numeric buttons to enter the heavy rice menu. For example, if you want to cook 300 grams of rice, press the weight first, then 3, 0 and 0.

The entered weight will be displayed in grams on the screen. If you make a mistake, press the Stop/Reset button and start over.

Step 6: Press the start button to start cooking. The word “SENSOR” will appear on the screen and the remaining cooking time will count down. The microwave beeps once when the sensor detects gas in the food and twice when the process is complete.

You will also hear fan noise during sensor cooking. This is normal and helps circulate the room inside the oven.

Step 7: While cooking, open the microwave door and carefully remove the plate. It is recommended to use oven mitts or potholders to prevent burns. Stir the food and let it sit for a few minutes before eating. Enjoy your meal!

Important Tips for Using Panasonic Automatic Cook in the Microwave

To get the best results using Panasonic Automatic Cook in the Microwave, you do not need to follow these steps, but you should make sure that the instructions you follow are followed. is always true. Below I have listed some important tips that you should not follow.

1. Make sure the food on the plate is balanced and not placed in gaps. This will help the sensor detect the gas correctly and adjust the cooking time accordingly.

2. Do not open the microwave door or press any buttons while cooking. This affects the sensor and causes the food to pass or spoil.

3. If the food is not cooked as you wish after the sensor process is completed, you can extend the time by pressing the “Quick Minutes” button and then the “Start” button. Alternatively, you can select a different power and cooking time using the power button and number button.

4. Use the recommended weight for each food option for best results. If the weight of the food is too low or too high, the sensor will not work properly and the food will become unstable.

5. Water should be added to some foods such as rice, pasta and potatoes. See user manual for specific water characteristics for each food type. You can use broth, juice or sauce instead of water to add flavor.

6. For some foods, such as ground meat, fish fillets, and chicken wings, you need to season the food before cooking. Add oil, sugar or margarine to dishes to prevent food from drying out or drying out.

7. Some foods do not need to contain heavy foods such as fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables and popcorn. The sensor will automatically detect the weight and adjust the cooking time accordingly. However, you still need to choose the menu according to the type of food.

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Panasonic microwave oven automatic cooking is a unique cooking method because this feature allows you to cook a variety of foods without lighting, without increasing the power, weight of the food or cooking time.

So when you want to cook regularly, select Menu, enter the weight and press Start, then let the sensor detect the steam in the food and adjust the cooking irregularly.

Enjoy delicious and healthy meals with less effort and time. Panasonic Microwave Auto Cook is perfect for busy people, beginners, and anyone who wants to simplify cooking. Try it today and see the difference for yourself.


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