How To Get Snapchat AI for free on Android and iPhone

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As a Snapchat User, getting the Snapchat AI isn’t much of a task, you just need some steps to actualize your plan. Snapchat AI is powered by OpenAI’s Chatgpt technology, and it is programmed to conversate with Snapchatters (Snapchat Users) and provide a good user experience.

The AI makes use of your data like location to provide a good user experience, personalize its answers, and provide close-by suggestions including ads. This blog post outlines steps to get your Snapchat AI and explores other features of the AI.

How To Get Snapchat AI ?

My AI is free to use and accessible by all Snapchat users.
You can get your AI with the following steps:
1. Visit the Snapchat App, and tap “Chat “to visit the chat tab.
2. Select or Choose “My AI” from the list.
3. As a first-time user of the AI, it will greet you with a welcome message, tap “Chat” to start a conversation with it.

Using Snapchat AI

The AI in Snapchat acts s a friend, though may not be a physical friend but is considered as a chat friend because it interacts with users in a friendly intonation.

My AI on Snapchat chats with users with a friendly tone, most times it even inquires about how you are doing and acts as a caring friend. It cracks jokes for you if you want it to, and assists in decision-making if you ask for its suggestions.

The AI replies with a text when you send it an image for free Snapchat users, while most times in Snapchat+subscribers, it responds with an image too. You can play games with the AI, and have each other commend whosoever wins.

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My AI can be summoned and used in other chats especially group chats just by typing @myai. Once it’s summoned, it responds immediately even among your fellow human’s conversation.

Is Snapchat AI Safe To Use?

The AI in Snapchat is somehow safe but you shouldn’t share all the information as it is still in the development stage. Such information to be shared ought not be confidential or sensitive.

Things You Shouldn’t Do With Snapchat AI
There are certain things you shouldn’t do with Snapchat AI as instructed by Snapchat.
Some of the things include:

1. Providing Confidential Information: As My AI user, you are advised not to provide sensitive and confidential information as it is still in its developing phase. This measure should be taken so as not to have it share your personal information.

2. Sending Spammy Messages: One thing against Snapchat’s AI policy is providing the AI with spammy messages. Users are advised not to send spammy messages so as not to get restricted.

3. Sending Crime Messages: Users are not to discuss messages regarding crime with My AI, as it may restrict the user’s access to the AI.


With the existence of My AI on Snapchat, users have been experiencing an exciting experience, especially with the features of the AI.
We hope this content has enlightened you on how to get your Snapchat AI and other necessary Information about My AI on Snapchat.


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