Hisense Microwave Oven Review


The Hisense microwave oven is a very portable device that comes with easy-to-understand features. Along with that, compared to other similar ovens, the Hisense microwave oven comes with less noise and produces bright interior light.

However, that’s not all to know about the Hisense microwave oven. In this post, you’ll be reading about the Hisense microwave oven review and get to find out yet-undiscovered details about the Hisense microwave oven. Let’s get started already!

Hisense Microwave Oven Specifications.

Here is a detailed description of the Hisense microwave oven:

Brand — Hisense

Product Weight — 13.2kg

Product Dimensions — 41 x 48.5 x 29.3 centimeters

Wattage — 900W

Voltage — 120V

Material Type — Stainless Steel

Battery — No Battery Included and No Battery Required.

Capacity — 25 Liters

Installation Type — Free Standing

Energy Consumption — 1450W

Now that we’ve seen the detailed specifications of the Hisense microwave oven, let’s proceed to check out the pros of using the Hisense microwave oven.

Pros Of Hisense Microwave Oven 

If you’re considering getting a Hisense microwave oven for your home, here are the features you’ll enjoy:

Less Noise

If you desire a microwave oven that performs its functions with little noise, then this microwave oven is for you. Unlike the big old versions of microwave ovens that may have loud sounds which may be disturbing, the Hisense microwave oven is nothing like that. 

With this oven, you just have to insert your food inside the oven and tap the start button. No noise, no funny sounds, just you and your food. In a way, the less Noise offered by the Hisense microwave oven contributes to the serenity of your house and the environment at large. 

Bright Interior Light

Unlike other countertop microwave ovens, the Hisense microwave oven comes with a bright interior light. This light would allow you to monitor your food at all sides without the use of touch or any aid. Whether at night, or day, you are confident that you will be able to tell the color or shape of your food, thanks to the bright interior light offered by the Hisense microwave oven.

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Many microwave ovens of similar size may not always come with this feature, so consider yourself fortunate if you have this microwave at your home. In fact, because of the lack of interior light in many microwave ovens, many have abandoned their microwave oven to get another that offers that.


Many have praised the manufacturers of this microwave oven for the portability feature of the Hisense microwave oven. The Hisense microwave oven can be fitted anywhere around your kitchen. If you live in a single-room apartment, the Hisense microwave oven can also be fitted in a nice space in your room. 

The Hisense microwave oven takes up only a little space. If you do not fancy a stuffy apartment, then you should get the Hisense microwave oven. 

 Easy-to-understand Features

Many people who have reviewed the Hisense microwave have said that the oven is one whose features are easy to understand. If you are new to using microwave oven cookers for dishes or heating, you can purchase this one for a start. In no time, you’ll get a hang of it and begin to become a master at it. 

If you have used previous versions of microwave ovens in the past, you can also enjoy using this one. The instruction manual is easy to read and understand. 

Decent Price

In many stores, the Hisense microwave oven sells for a decent price. The value of this microwave oven is not too high or low for its functions. It is rated and sold for the perfect price range considering the range of features and specifications that it offers.  

So far, you’ve read the pros of using the Hisense microwave oven, let’s check out some of the drawbacks of using the Hisense microwave oven. 

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Cons Of Hisense Microwave Oven

The cons of the Hisense microwave oven provided in this section are those mentioned by reviewers. Here they are:

Hard-to-press Buttons

Those who have used the Hisense microwave oven for their meals have complained of the stiffness of the oven’s buttons. Compared to other microwave oven brands, the Hisense microwave oven is harder and becomes even stiffer when not in use for a long time.

Of course, when the buttons are hard to press, it becomes even harder to run operations or select the appropriate presets for the food you wish to heat.

Takes A Longer Time 

Since the power consumption is 900W, it may take a longer time to get your food heated. This can be frustrating especially if you have used previous models of microwave ovens whose power consumption is about 1000W, 1200W, or even 1250W. However, to solve this case, you can prepare your dishes on time in order not to keep yourself hungry while the food is yet to be heated. 

Unable To Contain Larger Dishes

The Hisense microwave oven is unable to contain larger dishes. This is thanks to the fact that the microwave oven is not designed at exactly 90°. It is a bit slanted which makes bigger dishes unable to be contained in the interior of the microwave oven.

So, you may find it difficult to insert or remove dishes from the microwave oven when the dish is ready to be eaten. If you have a large family that consumes a large amount of food, then you’ll need to get a bigger microwave oven with a much higher power consumption and performance level.

Hard To Wash 

The Hisense microwave oven is a hard-to-wash microwave oven. Most especially, the interior part of the microwave oven. This is mainly because the interior has a beveled design which has a chamfer shape and as such, is not easy to get a consistent scrub inside. It is quite tricky to wash, it only requires that you spend more time touching every corner than usual.

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Can Hisense microwave be used for baking?

Yes. Hisense microwave can be used for baking. It is not known for only baking, it can also be used to defrost, reheat, and sterilize. This is because it is designed to distribute heat evenly inside the oven.

What is the power rating of the Hisense microwave?

The power rating of most Hisense microwaves is about 800W – 1000W.  However, to get a high performance, it is advised to go for the 1000W Hisense microwave oven.

What are Hisense microwaves like?

Hisense microwaves are shiny. Along with that, they are built in such a way that they are durable for long-term use. 

Why is my Hisense microwave not hot?

Your microwave is not hot because the magnetron or diode in your oven is broken. If any of these are broken, it is advised that you change them as they cannot be repaired easily.

Is Hisense microwave oven durable?

Yes. The Hisense microwave ovens are durable for long-term use. 


Have you been considering buying the Hisense microwave oven? Then, you’ll agree that this Hisense microwave oven review has done justice to that. Kindly note that this review post was drafted out from reviews of users of this product.


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