Panasonic Inverter microwave reviews


The Panasonic inverter microwave is one of the top microwaves in Nigeria that carries out reheating of chickens and food at a normal heat level. Unlike another inverter microwave, it would not overheat your food.  The amazing part of this Panasonic inverter microwave is that it is kitchen-friendly.

It is carefully designed to ensure that your food does not go overly cooked or raw. The Panasonic inverter microwave is smart in its features. It has a feature for a sensor that can listen to commands from the user.

The Panasonic inverter was meant to meet the needs of the clients. According to the adverts, the Panasonic inverter microwave is expected to cook food to the taste of the clients. For instance, popcorn corn is cooked at a good temperature. 

Panasonic inverters are very much easy to use. Panasonic inverters are simple to access. The Alexa feature of the mobile device makes it easier to operate from anywhere in the house. The microwave is an easy option for clients who love cooking.


The specification carefully includes the set of requirements that is to satisfied by the Panasonic inverter microwave.

  1. Power Watts

The power watt includes the power of the Panasonic inverter microwave. This includes the measure of weight that the Panasonic inverter microwave is expected to meet. The Panasonic inverter microwave is 1200 watts. This watt power is expected to cook your meal at a continuous heating. This heat usually is at a modulated power.

  1. Dimensions:

The dimensions of the Panasonic inverter microwave are very convenient. It is not too big and not too small. It can fit into a normal-sized shelf without problems. The size of the microwave is usually 15.8″D x 20.7″W x 12.2″H.

  1. Preset:
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The preset of the microwave inverter microwave is designed for a specific purpose. However, users can set it manually if they want to cook other products. The microwave at a specific heat level and heat time for different items such as Sensor Cook Reheat, Coffee or Milk, Turbo Defrost by the pound or kilogram, and also Frozen juice items. Popcorn can also be used by the Panasonic microwave for heating.

  1. Child Safety Lock

The child safety lock is one of the good features of the microwave. Unlike its competitors, the Panasonic inverter microwave is different in that it is children-sensitive.


Normal Size:

The size of the Panasonic inverter microwave is of moderate size. It is not too big or too small. It would fit into your parlor or your room. This Panasonic microwave inverter has many features such as a workable turntable. The Panasonic inverter microwave stands at a size of 15.8″D x 20.7″W x 12.2″H. The inverter microwave heats food very quickly.

Nice improvement

The Panasonic inverter microwave is the best for you if you have the old one. Although the new Panasonic inverter microwave is just like the old one, it still possesses some features. The Panasonic inverter microwave has a stronger door that can last for more than nine years. The improvement has a new and improved timing dial. As a user, you don’t specifically need to learn about the improved feature.


Despite it being in the market for a long while, the Panasonic inverter microwave is a great option if you are looking to change your old microwave. When compared to other microwaves of its generation, the Panasonic inverter microwave stands as one of the best.

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The following are the disadvantages of Panasonic inverter microwave

Dim light:

The microwave feature of the Panasonic inverter possesses a dim light. According to the review of a customer, it does not have a bright light. This may pose a challenge for clients who intend to use the microwave

Fingerprint Smidge

The fingerprint of the smart microwave is blemished. It usually is soft whenever you want to tap a command on the Panasonic inverter microwave.

Accurate Cook

Another cons of the Panasonic inverter microwave is that it doesn’t come with frozen food very accurately.


What is an inverter on a Panasonic microwave?

This is done when power is supplied through an inverter circuit to supply a steady amount of current without cutting in and out. So, when you select 80% power current, the microwave will deliver 80% heat. It is important to note that not all food deserves to be heated at an increased heat level.

Is the Panasonic inverter microwave better?

Yes. Panasonic inverter microwaves do not just provide the heating option. Inverter microwave stands as a means where you can get other cooking functionalities too. They can be used in heating a frozen food. Panasonic inverter microwave can also heat butter without fear of burning.

What is the benefit of the Panasonic inverter microwave?

The benefit of the Panasonic inverter microwave is that it provides continuous heating at normal power resulting in well well-cooked meal. Additionally, cooking through an inverter provides a microwave with a temperature as regards the lighting situation if you live in a rural organization.

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Which inverter microwave is the best?

The best inverter microwave is the Panasonic Microwave Oven. It cooks food fast and well-cooked. Although, there are other competing brands in the field. 

Does wifi affect microwave inverters?

Yes. They do affect microwave inverters. Microwave ovens and wifi both use a band of  2.4 GHz. This is dangerous because it can affect WiFi performance with its interference. It is typically caused by the leakage of microwave into wifi signals.


Cooking food in the inverter microwave couldn’t get any easier, the best microwaves now come with tons of automatic and manual features. When it comes to picking out the best microwave for your house, you want something that heats food well and is very simple to use. 

Panasonic has produced different electronic devices over the years. This includes phones, fridges, and television sets. The Panasonic inverter microwave stands out because it uses inverter to heat food. Additionally, the Panasonic inverter is generally designed to meet the need of people who intends to control the heat level of their food.


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