Apple released iOS 18! These are the new features in the iPhone update you should know. 

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The next major version of Apple iOS is currently under development. As always, it will be released in the fall along with the new iPhone versions. On Tuesday night, Apple released its new iPhone operating system, iOS 18. 

These are the Overview;

  • New control center iOS 18 has 4,444 free, customizable app icons
  • Lock or hide app iOS 18 adds 4,444 new AI 

Other features:

  • New Photography Apps (control center)
  • Game types
  • Notes
  • Mathematics Notes Apply via
  • Division of Labor
  • There’s a new messaging app at the end of iOS 18 From autumn 2024

Let’s delve a little more deeper in all of these features and see the interesting part of this new development. 

New control center:

Apple is making the Control Center more customizable in iOS 18. Until now, Quick Access only took up one page and was organized in a strict grid. Individual add-on features can only be added and removed from iPhone settings. The new Control Center is more flexible and provides quick access to settings across multiple pages when needed. 

As it stands now, There are no further interruptions to the installation. New widgets for music and smart home controls are also part of the update, sounds good right?

One iOS 18 has 4,444 free customizable app icons.

And also, Since the launch of the very first iPhone in 2007, Apple has adhered to a strict application guideline on the home screen. Although iOS 14 includes widgets and app libraries that can be used to hide individual apps, that’s the reason why users do not have the freedom to design their home screens. 

Apps are arranged from top to bottom on both sides of the home screen only. There is no way to leave space or dock the app below the screen.

We also saw that Apple has now broken the solid home screen in iOS 18 and also allows users to customize the color of app icons. This allows them to match the app to the background screen or choose an accent preferred color. 

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It has been seen that The new dark road also falls into the same category. So far, only a few areas of the iPhone home screen, such as the dock frame, have changed due to the switch to Dark Mode feature. But in iOS 18, app icons also have shadows which makes the whole look more mature and beautiful. 

Lock or hide app

Another feature is the lock or hide app option For now, some applications can only be closed directly. With iOS 18, users will finally be able to lock an app using the Face ID option, the Touch ID, or the iPhone passcode. 

But that’s not all: Apple even allows apps to be hidden on the home screen. After that, a new category containing hidden applications will appear in the application library on the last page of the home screen. And the new iOS 18 adds 4,444 new AI features.

iOS 18 takes the idea of artificial ​​intelligence-based features with Apple Intelligence. In addition to Siri, many apps have additional features to assist all iPhone users. You can find everything you need to know about this in our telegram channel: Apple Intelligence brings artificial intelligence to the new  iPhone.

New Photography Apps:

In the new iOS 18, the Photos app received the biggest update in the entire iPhone history. There are no tabs, but there is a unified page with everything visible on one side. For example, filters can be used to filter images directly or hide screenshots based on certain image types which wasn’t in previous iPhone versions. 

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Another feature is the photo view, which is a “Smart Zone” that lets you create collections by topics such as time, people, interests, and travel. The app automatically combines the latter and filters out irrelevant images.

The Game types

As you already know, the Macs desktop with Apple Silicon have had Game Mode for some time, which reduces background performance for longer games. This feature will also come to iPhones with the new iOS 18 and, among other features, it can increase the response time of Bluetooth controllers and headphones such as AirPods by reducing the latency.

The IOS 18 Notes feature 

The iPhone ios 18 comes with its own Voice Memos app, but it doesn’t have a direct connection to Notes. Apple made it possible to write a personal note with iOS 18. This allows users to save voice notes along with other files such as text and images. A key example is the lesson, where students can write out loud and expand with background and additional presentation.

The Voice Memos is modeled after the Voice Memos app in design and functionality. This feature is available not only in iOS 18 but also in macOS Sequoia and iPadOS.

The Mathematics Notes which is Another new feature in the Notes app is what Apple internally calls “Math Notes.” Similar to voice typing, the calculator function will be added directly to the paper. This makes it possible to write equations in the future and solve them with a calculator.

Division of Labor

The Mail app in iOS 18 can categorize incoming emails. Gmail and other email services use long text to organize and package emails for clarity. There’s a new messaging app at the end of iOS 18 which is called iMessage. 

iMessage is a messaging application integrated into iOS and makes its full functionality available only to Apple users. The app reverts to the old SMS standard when communicating with Android smartphones. This means no encrypted communications, no high-resolution photos and videos being sent, and no read receipts.

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Apple announced that it will use the RCS (Rich Communication Services) standard for its messaging application by the end of 2024. Google incorporated RCS into its Messages app years ago and asked Apple to do the same.

The RCS feature allows Android and iOS users to finally communicate with each other without restrictions. You can send messages over Wi-Fi, as well as meter, read receipts, group chat, and voice messages. Other features like emoji reactions are also in the planning stages.

But iMessage is also getting more features beyond RCS. There are more effects available that users can send as reactions. In addition, iMessage is finally getting the option to schedule messages and send them later.


For iOS 18, Apple is likely to follow its previous schedule, which we know from previous iOS versions. Apple usually officially presents its new operating system at the WWDC in June. After this announcement, the company then releases the first beta versions for registered testers – first for developers and a month later for all owners of a compatible iPhone.

What’s your thought on this new development in the Apple world? Drop your thoughts in the comment section let’s interact…


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