How To Allow Sensitive Content On Telegram iPhone


Telegram is a media through which messages can be passed across between two or more people, it’s also used to watch and download different types of contents. It can be used with iOS and Android.

Most telegrams automatically disallow the display of sensitive content, but you can reset and then set to allow sensitive contents.
If you want to know how to allow sensitive contents on telegram iPhone, you will have to follow the steps listed and discussed in this article thoroughly. It doesn’t require much for sensitive content to be allowed, just adhere to the instructions in this post.

Can I Allow Sensitive Content On Telegram iPhone?

You may be wondering if sensitive content can be allowed on Telegram iPhone, well yeah, with the right steps you should be able to configure your Telegram to display sensitive content.

How To Allow Sensitive Content On Telegram iPhone

The telegram web will be used as an example while showing you how to allow sensitive content on telegram on your iPhone.
The required steps include:

1. Open Telegram Web
Visit the telegram web through, you can visit the web through any available browser.

2. Login To Your Telegram Account
Fill in the required details such as username and password, then log in to your account.

3. Go To Settings
After you have logged into your telegram account, click on the three lines “—” located at the top left corner beside the search box.
A drop-down menu will be displayed, select “Settings”.

4. Click on Privacy and Security
Scroll down and tap “Privacy and Security”, a new tab will open. Now scroll to Privacy and click “Groups and Channels”, another new section will open.

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5. Disable Filtering (Allow Sensitive Content)
At this step, you have to scroll down to “Sensitive Content”, this is after you have clicked “Groups and Channels”
There’s a “Disable Filtering” right under the “Sensitive Content” which has a box near it on the left side. Tick the box by tapping on it, your settings will be changed immediately.

After you have completed the steps, reopen the telegram app and sensitive contents will start displaying. You have successfully allowed sensitive content on your telegram iPhone.


Telegram can be used for many things because of its wide support for large audiences. It provides its users with updates regarding entertainment, news, sports, and different content.
Automatically, it may limit the display of sensitive content, but with the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to allow sensitive content on Telegram iPhone.


Does Telegram allow the display of sensitive content on Telegram iPhone?
Ans: Yes, telegram allows the display of sensitive content on your Telegram iPhone, though it may be automatically disallowed or limited you can allow it with the following steps discussed here.

What time does it take for sensitive content to start displaying after allowing it?
Ans: It doesn’t require much time, just a few minutes, and the sensitive contents will start showing. If not, you will have to reopen the telegram app, you will see the contents displaying.

Can I disallow sensitive content on my Telegram iPhone?
Yes, you can disallow, just follow the same steps, and then untick the box beside the “Disable Filtering”.


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