How To Get Rid of Snapchat AI without Snapchat+ premium

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The AI chatbot in Snapchat was initiated on September 2023, during the AI reign to assist and commune with users.
While this AI initiation might have been to assist and educate, it displays some features that disgust Snapchat users, such as popping up on the screen frequently, especially when one is chatting or the AI replying with sponsored links, watching your stories, and other factors.

As users noticed that Snapchat wasn’t ready to get rid of the chatbot but instead added more features, users started looking for alternatives to get rid of the chatbot.
One can get rid of Snapchat AI with ease as the steps are crystal clear, just ensure you follow the steps outlined in this article.

How To Get Rid of Snapchat AI

You can get rid of the Snapchat AI with different methods, these methods can help you limit the access of the AI in your Snapchat.
Block My AI From Watching Stories.

You may be surprised to know that by default the Snapchat AI can view your Snapchat stories. This though not directly addressed, but it’s noted in their AI privacy policy that the chatbot can access your stories.

According to Snapchat, it is to help personalize and improve user experience, just as location, etc. You can turn off the AI access to your stories by Going to the Chats Tab>>Then Tap and Hold My AI banner>>Click on Privacy Setting>>Toggle off “My Story”.

This step and method disengages the AI from accessing and viewing your stories.
Clear Data From AI. The AI stores every one of its user’s data from interactions until you clear the data.

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The data can be cleared or deleted by Tapping the Profile Icon>>Scroll down to Privacy Controls>>Click “Clear Data”>> Then tap Clear My AI Data. After this, the conversations you had with the AI will be cleared.

Buy Snapchat+ Membership

If you are a Snapchat+subscriber, you can Unpin or remove the AI from Snapchat, though it won’t be entirely deleted but will be removed from the list. Snapchat introduced the Snapchat+subscriber maybe because they saw that some users needed to remove the AI and hence decided to capitalize on it.

The membership costs $3.99 for a month and $29.99 for a year with amazing features attached to it such as experimental, pre-release features, chat wallpapers, custom app icons, etc. Once you have subscribed for the Snapchat+membership, you can get rid of the chatbot by unpinning or clearing it from the feed.

If you want to Unpin, Visit, and Open Snapchat>> Tap on Snapchat+Banner which is situated on the profile screen>> Toggle “My AI” from Pinned to Unpinned. If you want to clear from feed, Visit and Open Snapchat>> Tap on your profile,

if the profile screen opens, move to the “Settings” icon and click>> Scroll over, you will see “Privacy Controls”>> Select “Clear Data”>> Head over to “Clear Conversations”, and tap the “X” icon which sits behind My AI to get it removed from your chat feed.


Snapchat as much as it has some undermining factors also has many benefits. The values it portrays may outweigh the errors, especially with the feature of the AI on the Snapchat+membership.
This article acts as a guide to get rid of Snapchat AI and we hope you gained from it.


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