What exactly is a pantry kitchen?


When we talk about a pantry kitchen, we are literally talking about a restaurant. I know You’ve probably seen the restaurant more than you’ve heard of it. It is small and compact and meets all the minimum requirements for the kitchen, which makes it more beautiful than threatening at the time. You can read here why and what makes a kitchen pantry different.

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In the United States and Germany, pantry kitchens are better known as mini kitchens, kitchens, compact kitchens or kitchens with cabinets. With all these names, it is immediately clear that this is not an ordinary kitchen, but a different type of XS.

The beginning seemed quite impractical and unrealistic, it is gaining traction. No wonder the kitchen pantry has many advantages. Paddedvibez team shows the true meaning of this kitchen and what makes it interesting in terms of furniture.

What is a pantry kitchen?

The English word “pantry” means warehouse or storage room. Judging by its size, this description is very accurate because the width of this kitchen is only 90 to 150 centimeters, which can be described as small and compact. Therefore, such a small functionality is limited to the minimum.

Kitchen appliances mostly consist of two stoves, a refrigerator and a sink. All dishes, utensils, dishes etc. It is usually stored in the central cabinet. The best version also comes with top shelves, a small oven or dishwasher. There is also a kitchen pantry built into wall cabinets that “fall” out of the door.

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NOTE: If there is more than one kitchen (e.g. in a single family), one of them can be converted into a kitchen. Alternatively, a large pantry can be used for this purpose. This gives you the opportunity to “bump” those ugly kitchen appliances you don’t use very often.

Who is a kitchen pantry suitable for?

Kitchens are also available in small houses, especially as the living space becomes smaller and more expensive. With this development, which is not yet finished, the kitchen pantry will become a more realistic option in the future.

Today you can find them in studio apartments, vacation rentals and even apartments. Others know the kitchenette from their student days when it was part of the hotel.

However, the kitchen pantry is often also part of the hotel room or office floor. Finally, as the small movement continues, interest in kitchenettes increases. Of course, if you don’t have a lot of stuff, you don’t need a lot of furniture.

This also applies to the everyday but most important aspects of mobile living, such as “living in a van” or living on a boat. Here, too, you will encounter the kitchenette again and again.

Pantry Advantages and Disadvantages of Kitchens


Kitchen pantries have many advantages, especially their small size. Not only is it compact and space saving, it also fits perfectly into niches. In this way, the price does not lose its important place during the stay.

Kitchen pantries also have fewer individual items than traditional models. Therefore, since its assembly is easier and faster, it is also easier to transport.

By comparison, the average kitchen in a new home often requires time- consuming and expensive renovations. Money can also be a factor when purchasing a kitchen. Some models cost only a few hundred euros.

But you often have to compromise between quality, design and functionality. Better models, on the other hand, are priced in the low to mid-four-figure range.

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Of course, the kitchen pantry is not to everyone’s taste. Although the cost of kitchen chores has decreased, cooking needs to be done more easily and creatively.

The small work area and floor space required to store, cut and prepare food, including hot plates, can be a challenge. A lot of improvisation is required here, very quickly.

Additionally, the kitchen pantry is usually not in a separate room but is part of another room, such as a living room or apartment. As a result, cooking odors will linger in your living space for longer than expected.

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