Practical steps to clean your air conditioner filter


One the best maintenance operation that should be completed before summer arrives for your air conditioner is cleaning the filter. The lifespan and general efficiency of your air conditioning machine will both be enhanced by a complete and thorough regular cleaning.

Householders are advised to change the air filter a few more times during the summer. As a result, there will be less need for air conditioner repair and the device will be maintained in perfect condition.

Understanding how to properly clean your air conditioner filter will help keep your air conditioner functional and this is totaly Easy to achieve. After sufficient and thoroughly changing the filter. This will become a simple and quick fast, like an easy summertime ritual. To effectively clean the air conditioner filter, follow this simple tutorial guide.

Check if the filter for the air conditioner is dirty.

Not every filter on an air conditioner should be cleaned. Reusable and disposable air filters are the two varieties made specifically for air conditioners. Certain units come with disposable cardboard filters that are designed to be thrown away and changed out on a regular basis.

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As one might expect, cleaning a dirty filter that you won’t be using again is pointless. Make sure your AC unit has a reusable filter before beginning the cleaning procedure. The reusable filters usually come with a frame made of plastic or metal.

Not sure which one is used by your unit? To find out, consult your instruction manual. Additionally, the handbook will advise you on any particular cleaning techniques.

Use the automated cleaning feature.

It’s possible that the new air conditioner you purchased has an automated cleaning feature. If so, cleaning the filter using this method is the simplest and quickest.

These contemporary machines use an internal cassette and brush system to remove dust and other particles from the filter, allowing it to self-clean. After that, the dust is blown outside.

Remove the air filter.

Turn off your air conditioner and remove the filter if there isn’t an automated cleaning feature. Although the procedure varies from unit to unit, you most likely have to take off the lid in order to remove the filter. Either the screws can be taken out or the tabs can be pressed down to release the object.

The filter should be simple to remove once the cover has been taken off. The filter is usually found along the return duct on large central air conditioning units. You’ll need to remove the front of the air conditioner in order to access units that are positioned in windows. You might have to slide off the front panel of wall-mounted units.

Do not operate your air conditioner while the filter is removed. Unfiltered air will start to circulate around your house as a result. The interior components of the air conditioner, including the evaporator coils, will eventually accumulate dirt as a result.

Use the air filter ivacuum

As soon as the air filter is removed, observe its present state. Any apparent dust, discoloration, or greyness on the filter’s surface will indicate that it needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

To remove the dirt from the filter, use a vacuum with the necessary tube extension. Go ahead and use an up-and-down motion after setting your vacuum to low or medium.

You should avoid applying too much pressure when vacuuming because your filter is sensitive. Most of the time, vacuuming will be sufficient for infrequently used or frequently cleaned air conditioners.

Thoroughly clean the air filter.

Vacuuming by itself might not be sufficient if it has been a while since you cleaned your air conditioner filter. You may need to give the filter a bath in warm water with liquid detergent or hose it down to get better results.

To provide a complete bath, shift the dirt in the water by moving the air filter around. Once in the bath, leave it for a minimum of fifteen minutes and a maximum of several hours.

To wipe the other side, turn it halfway through. Try hosing the filter off outside or with a handheld showerhead if it is too big to fit in your bathtub or sink. But be careful not to use a pressured nozzle.

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Make sure you Allow the filter to dry.

It is recommended to dry naturally because high temperatures can burn the filter. Give the filter some time to air dry and place it in a secure location. An alternative is to use a hairdryer set to the “cool” setting to expedite the drying process.

installing the air conditioner filter into the unit, ensure that it has dried fully. To get this look, let the material air dry for a few hours. After that, you may put the cover back on, start the air conditioner up again, and replace the filter. Now that the air conditioner is running with a hygienic and germ-free circulation, you may enjoy it.

Disclaimer: this practical guide was brought to you by paddedvibez team of writers. 

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