How to clean the microwave the right way without any chemical


In every home, there must be a kitchen where all delicacies are being prepared and most of these kitchens have one or two Microwaves which serves the whole house on a daily basis. Most Microwave comes with instructions on its maintenance basic and tips while some doesn’t have such but as we all know, all Microwave must be kept neat at all cost.

So in this guide i will walk you through on how to clean the microwave the right way, without using any chemicals or following any company tips.

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How to clean the microwave the right way without any chemical.

Stubborn grease splatters, unappetizing sauce residues and dried food residue: cleaning the microwave can be a tedious and annoying task especially for someone like me that is always too busy with work.

Most people hide from these type of house chores, to them it’s a whole lot of punishment to clean the microwave. But it doesn’t have to be! There is a way to clean the microwave quickly and without any chemicals and that’s what i will reveal in this article.

How long does it take to clean a microwave ?

It doesn’t take much to clean your microwave. I know there are some chemicals out there that claims to do this job faster but to stay safe and keep your microwave sound and safe you need to try making use of non chemicals for this task.

Forget chemical cleaning products and use lemon and water instead. Steam mixed with citric acid cleans the microwave almost by itself. I know you might be wondering why we will be using natural stuffs to clean our microwave, but relx your mind, this is a proven result and i have been using this strategy for long and if you pay close attention to this guide you won’t spend a dime again in buying any chemical.

Cleaning the microwave – this is how it works.

To clean the microwave in this way, you need a lemon, water and a microwave-safe bowl – for example made of glass. All these are cheap and affordable no matter where you’re reading from. Just head over to any supermarket and ask of these items, it won’t cost you much bucks. When you get all these ready,

Then proceed as follows:

The First thing to do is cut the lemon in half and place it in the bowl filled with water.

Then place the bowl in the microwave. Choose the highest setting to quickly bring the water to a simmer.

Then keep the microwave closed for some time. Meanwhile, the citric acid and the water vapor formed dissolve the dirt.

After you have opened the microwave and removed the hot bowl, the now soaked dirt on the microwave can be easily removed using a sponge or soft cloth.

This is the perfect strategy and hack that works and it’s so affordable. You just need to get those listed items above and get to work with the step by step guide stated already.

With this method you don’t need to spend money on chemicals anymore, you don’t need to waste money for nothing, you don’t need to worry about your microwave lifespan because it will definitely last more longer for you with this strategy.  So is this the only trick and strategy i have for you? No friends i got some more tips and tricks.

What other home remedies are there for cleaning microwave?

Don’t have any lemons at home, but your microwave desperately needs cleaning? Then you don’t have to relent, most of the natural plants, seeds and resources has one or two support to give your home.

Visit any nearby supermarket and buy some vinegar essence, like citric acid, acetic acid. When you get home get the vinegar essence. Like citric acid, acetic acid also dissolves stubborn dirt in the microwave.

Don’t worry: the smell of vinegar will disappear very quickly. This simple guides will save you  millions of money,  in a sense that you don’t need to waste money on chemicals again.


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