How To Delete My Ai From Snapchat : Remove My AI Snapchat 2024

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Snapchat is a media platform with millions of users where friends share messages, images, and videos.

This Snapchat has an AI chatbot introduced by Snapchat, this AI chatbot in Snapchat is a wonderful AI chatbot built to engage in conversations with the user, with this, you may not worry about friends to chat with.

While this AI might be initiated to assist users of Snapchat, and users getting attached gain much interest in it, some don’t fancy the AI because of some of its features and usage of personal data.

Now, how can those who don’t need or like it delete it? The AI chatbot in Snapchat can be deleted If it’s not needed in your Snapchat just with a few right steps discussed in this article.

What Is My AI In Snapchat?

My AI in Snapchat is a chatbot by Snapchat, powered by artificial intelligence to act as a friend to its users. This chatbot has interesting features that keep its users glued to it, such as having extreme knowledge beyond different countries’ cultures, history, and activities, and being able to tackle different educational and noneducational issues.

Even though the chatbot possesses some wonderful features, other users find it disgusting with some of its other features like posting its own scary stories, mode of location data usage, etc.

How To Delete My Ai From Snapchat?

There are no ways to completely delete your Snapchat AI from Snapchat but there are alternatives that can ensure that the AI gets out of your chat which may as well be seen as deleting the chatbot from Snapchat, Just that it can be recalled back when needed.

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Two methods are involved in deleting My AI from Snapchat, one By Clearing It From The Feed, and the other by Unpinning The AI.

See the steps to use each method:

How To Delete My Ai From Snapchat By Clearing From Chat Feed

The method can be used to delete your AI from Snapchat, follow the outlined steps below:

1. Visit and Open Snapchat.

2. Tap on your profile, if the profile screen opens, move to the “Settings” icon and click.

3. Scroll over, you will see “Privacy Controls”

4. Select “Clear Data”

5. Head over to “Clear Conversations”, and tap the “X” icon which sits behind My AI to get it removed from your chat feed.

How To Delete My AI From Snapchat By Unpinning

With this method you will get to unpin the AI automatically pinned in your chat, just do as follows:

1. Visit and Open Snapchat.

2. Tap on the Snapchat+Banner which is situated on the profile screen.

3. Toggle “My AI” from Pinned to Unpinned.

You can undo this by toggling the AI from Unpinned to Pinned, following the steps below:

1. Visit and Open Snapchat.

2. Tap on the Snapchat+Banner which is situated on the profile screen.

3. Toggle “My AI” from Unpinned to Pinned.

Important Note: Please note that these methods are only available for Snapchat+subscribers users.


My AI in Snapchat is used by millions of people, with its exceptional features, it attracts and triggers the likes of people towards it, but if you are not a fan of it, this professional method can guide you on how to delete it from your Snapchat.


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