What Is My AI on Snapchat? Hidden facts you should know

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Chatbots are human assistants and companions powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Most of these chatbots came into the limelight in 2023 as there were numerous AI releases.

Many platforms joined suit and released a chatbot for their platforms, which Snapchat isn’t exempted. It released its chatbot named My AI, this AI or chatbot can only be accessed by Snapchat users. In this article, we will be discussing My AI on Snapchat, its functions, etc.

What Is My AI on Snapchat?

My AI on Snapchat is a powerful artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that interacts with its users, it can help plan an event, suggest gifts for events, and provide answers to questions that don’t affect their policy. With additional safety enhancement and controls unique to Snapchat, My AI is specifically powered by OpenAI’s Chatgpt technology.

Snapchat users are advised to independently check answers provided by My AI as they may be biased, misleading, incorrect, or harmful due to it still being in the improving or evolving process. My AI Snapchat can act as a friend, it can play games with you, make fun conversations, and more.

The Snapchat team is still working on improving and making My AI more comfortable to use, the chatbot still needs some improvement to function well and to always improve user experience.

Functions of My AI on Snapchat

My AI on Snapchat can function as many things, it can be used for many reasons as:
1. Chat Friend/Partner: My AI on Snapchat can function as a chat friend or partner. It keeps its users company and indices funny conversations thereby making its users feel elated and comfortable.

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The interesting part is that you can play games such as word games, and question and answer games with it.

2. Event Planner: This Snapchat AI can assist in planning events with the user. You can ask it to list out suggestions that can ensure a smooth run of a particular event, and it may assist and provide Interesting guides.

3. Content Creation: Another function of My AI is it is being used for content creation. With My AI, you can generate outstanding content.
It can generate academic content and other different types of content.

What Shouldn’t I Use My AI For?

There are things you shouldn’t use your Snapchat AI for, those things are against their policy. Such things include generating political, sexual, malware, deceptive content, self-harm, and other things that are associated with trafficking, etc that stand against their community policy.

Users are also advised not to share or disclose personal and confidential information with the AI.

What Type of Data Is Shared With My AI and Usage?

Personal Data such as location is shared with My AI, this is because it is used to provide useful and relevant information to your queries, which includes places near to you.
It can also be used to improve user experience, including ads, etc.

Is My AI Safe To Use?

Snapchat may prioritize users’ security mostly by ensuring some safety measures to prevent the AI from disbursing users’ Personal Information which is safe in some way.
But It’s still Unsafe for users, as the AI is not well evolved and can share harmful and biased content harming young people, or even sharing people’s personal information as security is not guaranteed.

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Hopefully, this article has provided the answers to your queries regarding My AI on Snapchat, its usage, functions, etc.

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