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how to use digistore24 to make money on tiktok

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Do you have a TikTok app on your mobile phone? If your answer is yes, then be ready to make your first $500 today on tiktok using this secret website. I have been able to make a few dollars on tiktok with this secret website that I’m about to disclose to you in this article. 

So in this article I’m going to show you how to use digistore24 to make money on Tiktok from your home using either a mobile phone or Desktop. And the best part is that this will definitely be possible for you no matter where you are reading this from.

Even if your country is restricted, I’m going to show you how to get through this and also earn alongside with others on this platform using just your Tik Tok app.

In this article we will discuss what digistore24 is all about,  how it works. How to register, how to find high paying offers and also how to use digistore24 to make money on tiktok in 2024. 

What is digistore24?

Digistore24 is one of the leading affiliate marketing Marketplaces around the globe which helps affiliates (publishers) to make money from sales and also helps vendors (product owners) make money from getting sales from their products. 

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How to register on digistore24

To register on digistore24, you need to Visit digistore24.com official website. Click on the sign up button and add your registration details. Make sure your details are all correct so as to access the platform,  don’t forget to add your payment methods so as to get access to your monthly payouts. 

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What to do if your country is restricted on digistore24 

If your country is restricted make sure to contact someone in an eligible country to register the account on your behalf.  Make sure it’s a trusted person. Another way to bypass that is by using a VPN, only a paid VPN like fastest VPN , Telekom VPN paid plan can be used to access the platform lifetime so as to have full access to your account and stay anonymous. 

I personally use the fastest VPN lifetime access to create my account and I have been using it to make money on digistore24.  It costs only $60 lifetime and with the link you can get a discount and have it for $40 lifetime access.

How do you get paid on Digistore24?

To make money and get paid on digistore24,  you need to become an affiliate on the platform. When you are officially registered with digistore24, you will gain the option to switch from both vendors tab to affiliate tab. As a vendor you only have the option to add your product(s) on the platform for any available affiliate to promote and get you sales.

While as an affiliate you don’t have products on the Platform but you are literally applying to promote vendors products to get a certain commission from any sales from your affiliate link.

So to get paid as an affiliate you need to apply to promote a product(s) and when you are approved, you will be given a tracking link which is your affiliate link. This is the link that can earn you your first $500 with the tiktok strategy we will use in this article. 

How to promote digistore24 affiliate links and generate your first $500 online?

Congratulations, you are one step closer to making your first dollar from the affiliate link you generated from the product’s approval.  So the next thing is to get to work and promote the affiliate link to get buyers so as to receive your commissions from the vendor. 

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There are many ways to gain traffic and sales to your digistore24 affiliate links and also get paid. You can utilize organic traffic,  social media traffic or paid traffic. These are the three main traffic sources that have the capacity to get you your first $500. 

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is the free traffic which you get voluntarily from your audience through SEO, search engines, referrals or through content marketing.  These traffic are free of charge without any cost to the publisher’s end. You can attract organic traffic with a blog website, through seo optimized contents or blog posts. In generally it’s called SEO ( Searches engine optimization)

You can also attract organic traffic through video search engines like youtube, through an optimized youtube video. Your viewers can decide to click your affiliate link to purchase your product from your affiliate link, which will then lead to a commission on your digistore24 affiliate account. 

What is social media traffic?

And social media traffic on the other hand are the referral traffic from social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and others. These are also considered to be free traffic because you are literally getting them free of charge. 

What is paid traffic?

Paid traffic is Considered to be SEM which denotes Search engine marketing. They are traffic which comes from paid advertisements campaigns. Like the name suggests,  these traffic are bought with money through popular advertising platforms like facebook meta ads, Google ads, youtube ads, Twitter and the rest..

As stated above, you need traffic to make money on digistore24, and these traffics are humans and for you to gain their trust and get them to buy from you, you need to build that trust with them. And you can achieve that by building a standard website blog, having an engaging social media page like Tik Tok page, Instagram page, Facebook page and others.

how to use digistore24 to make money on tiktok

To start making money on digistore24 with your tik tok app, you need to first select a niche on tiktok, you can go for the entertainment niche,finance niche, education or technology niche on tiktok. 

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Start creating good and high quality videos on your page to gain huge followers,  when you get to at least 10,000 followers on tiktok with higher video or post engagement, then head straight to your digistore24 account and on that same niche you are on tiktok, make sure you focus on same niche as well on digistore24 category section. 

For instance: if you selected an entertainment niche on tiktok and you have gained huge followers who love what you do and the type of content you produce, make sure you click on the category section on digistore24 and select the entertainment category.  

There you will find a bunch of entertainment products that your audience might be interested in, then pick the higher paying ones, Apply to get the affiliate links and head straight to the next step below. 

How to promote the digistore24 affiliate link on tiktok?

As you already know, tik tok doesn’t offer the option to add clickable links in each video upload, because of this, we have to make use of the bio link on each tiktok profile. Pick a separate affiliate link you want to make a video about,  research the product and list out their importance,  the advantages your audience will get when they sign up to the product, don’t beat around the bush. 

Don’t appear much like you are running a sponsored ad, make sure you follow the same format you always use when creating videos on your page. Sometimes you just need to only mention the product for about 30 seconds within your video.

Like you have seen your favorite comedians, mentioning 1XBET in their respective comedy skits. They will tell you to click the link on their bio to join or use their promo code.


With the above step by step guide, you can be sure of making your first $500 online from digistore24 using tiktok.  And this method is applicable if you have huge followers on facebook, Instagram, Twitter. If you don’t have any of these, it’s best for you to get a standard website blog so as to set everything automatically and gain consistent traffic from Google search through your blog contents.


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