Telegram monetization eligibility | how to Turn on monetization on Telegram


There is an ongoing trend right now which is said to be notcoin tap-tap whatever; some social media users have claimed that they got a certain amount of money by tapping on their phone screen with the telegram app. And this has caught so many people’s attention and they are gradually downloading telegram apps from the app store to do the same thing.

While this method of earning fast crypto or money is not yet made clear to us or have we seen a live withdrawal proof to make an official review.  There is also another proven strategy to make money on Telegram which I myself have tried and it worked 100%. 

In this article I will walk you through on how to monetize a telegram channel with ads display and how to qualify to start making money on Telegram as a beginner,but you also need to be informed about the Telegram monetization eligibility criteria before getting started.  Let’s get onto it now.

How to Monetize Telegram Channels in 2024 for Channel owners?

Exciting news for all Telegram channel owners. Officially, Telegram recently launched a revenue-sharing program that allows you to monetize your channel directly through ad placements or ad display. In this article  we will delve into everything you need to know about this new opportunity to earn from your content creation efforts on Telegram. 

So if you have a telegram app that you just downloaded for the sake of making money or mining crypto with the tap-tap notcoin or tap swap trends, or you are just a telegram user who accesses your favorite content on telegram, you can also make money with this guide.

How Does Telegram’s Revenue Sharing Work? How does telegram monetization work?

It’s now very clear that Telegram took a different approach to monetization compared to other platforms. Instead of selling ads directly, it partners with businesses and displays targeted ads within telegram channels across the platform. Here is how the ads looks like below…

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Telegram monetization eligibility | how to Turn on monetization on Telegram telegram channel monetization

Here’s the breakdown:

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Telegram Ad Display:

Relevant ads are displayed organically within your channel’s chat feed, ensuring a seamless user experience if only your channel is eligible.

Revenue Sharing: As a channel owner You earn 50% of the revenue generated from ads displayed on your telegram channel.

Telegram monetization eligibility and Requirements

Currently, the telegram monetization program is fully open to organic public channels with at least 1,000 subscribers. Telegram emphasizes high-quality content, so ensure your telegram channel offers consistent, valuable and engaging content for your subscribers and audience.

Eligibility Check: Ensure your telegram channel has at least 1,000 subscribers and is set to public. Note: this won’t be made available for you if you Bought bot telegram subscribers to your channel, because the advertisers are the one to choose your channel for their ads display.

If your channel is not active or relevant to advertisers products , then they won’t show ads on it.  If your channel is 100% clean and organically active, there will be ads shown to your users even before turning on the monetization feature. 

How to turn on the monetization feature of your telegram channel ?

Log into the telegram number you used when creating your channel from day one. Note if that number isn’t available again, you can’t access the monetization feature with another number that is used as an admin or a second channel owner. So make sure nothing happens to the number used in creating the telegram channel. 

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Once you’ve logged in, then go to the Channel Settings: Go to Channel Settings > Statistics > then you will see boost and Monetization. Click on monetization and make sure you turn ads on. Your earnings start counting when your users sees ads on your channel.

When all these steps are completed then make sure you create a Fragment wallet to receive your earnings.

Telegram monetization Payment Methods and Threshold:

Payment Method: 

Telegram utilizes a platform called Fragment, a TON Blockchain-based payment system. You’ll need to create a Fragment wallet to receive your earnings as stated above.

Payment Threshold: 

There’s no minimum threshold for payouts on Telegram revenue share. You can withdraw your earnings anytime, even if it’s a small amount. Make sure you check your monetization tab to check your channel earnings.

How to Maximize Your Earnings Through telegram Revenue Sharing:

While the 50% revenue share is a generous offer, it’s important to note the basic strategies to make more revenue from the ads display. 

here are some strategies to maximize your earnings:

Grow Your telegram channel Audience: 

The more engaged channel subscribers you have, the more attractive your telegram channel becomes for advertisers, this potentially leading to higher ad impressions and more revenue.

Provide High-Quality and Engaging Content: 

Consistent creation of valuable content keeps your telegram audience hooked and active, increasing the potential for ad views and more clicks.

Target a specific Niche: 

Focus on a specific niche to attract a targeted channel audience who would likely be interested in the displayed ads on your channel.

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Be good at Content Optimization:

Analyze which content types generate higher engagement and adjust your strategy to maximize ad impressions within engaging content on your telegram channel. 

Always be Transparent to your users.

Be upfront about ad placements and ensure they don’t disrupt the user experience. A positive user experience encourages telegram channel audience retention.

Public Telegram channel ads regulations 

As a channel owner or a user, you don’t need to bother about inappropriate ads being shown on your channel because Telegram adheres to strict advertising regulations. Ads promoting illegal activities, hate speech, or harmful content won’t be displayed on your telegram channel.

Content Ownership: The telegram channel revenue-sharing program is still new. Be sure to stay updated on Telegram’s policies on their official site and their terms of service regarding content ownership and ad placement guidelines.


This new monetization program opens exciting possibilities for Telegram channel owners. By focusing on high-quality content, building a loyal telegram audience, and understanding the advertising ecosystem, you can turn your telegram channel into a valuable source of income. You can get started now and scale up your revenue.

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