How to Make Money on Cheelee App in 2024: A Step-by-Step Guide


I know you have a social media account or page where you scroll through every single day watching your favorite content creator or celebrity who makes their money on social media through your views and engagement.  But do you also know that you can become the next star on a popular but low competitive social media app that could also pay you money?

I believe Starting out on platforms like youtube,  Facebook,  Instagram and tiktok can be so difficult to achieve because of their high competition level but with cheelee you can see your dreams coming to reality. In this article i will reveal the hidden strategies on how to make millions on cheelee app by just watching content or creating them yourself. 

Are you ready to make some money today,  if your answer is YES, then keep reading down so as not to miss any point,  let’s delve into it right now..

How to make money on cheelee app
How to make money on cheelee app

What is  cheelee ?

Cheelee is a social media platform with a twist: you can earn money by watching short videos, like you do on facebook,  TikTok and instagram without getting paid, here cheelee pays you for that. While it might sound too good to be true, here’s a simpme breakdown on how to get started with the Almighty Cheelee social media platform and potentially make some extra cash in 2024 from your comfort zone.

Step 1: Download and Sign Up

If you’re an android user, head to the google play store and download the Cheelee app, but if you’re on ios device, my iPhone geng head over to the app store and download the cheelee app. After installation, Open the app and create a new account with your details like your email, name and password. 

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Step 2: Get Your Free Starting Glasses

Congratulations your account is ready, now Upon registration, you’ll be gifted a free pair of “Starting Glasses.” From the platform. These glasses allow you to begin earning in the app for free. So make sure yours is active so as to make money from every activity completed on the app.

Step 3: Start Watching and Collecting LEE

The first thing you should take note of is the Cheelee’s currency which is LEE. You earn this LEE by watching videos in your feed. You  Simply scroll through and watch videos like you would on any other social media platform like Facebook,  Instagram, TikTok etc and earn LEE. As you watch the videos on the platform you’ll see little boxes appear. 

Make sure to Tap on these boxes to collect LEE. If you fail to tap on them , there won’t be any reward on your balance, so as a hustler you need to do the needful to cashout.

How to make money on cheelee

Step 4: Understanding Endurance and Upgrading Glasses (Optional)

Like I stated earlier, you will be given a free glass to begin making money on the cheelee app but There’s a catch: your free Starting Glasses have limited “Endurance.” Once their Endurance on your account runs out, you can’t collect more LEE from the videos you watch until you get new glasses.

How to make money on cheelee app

The Cheelee platform offers various glasses for users to purchase , each with higher Endurance and potentially increased LEE cheelee revenue earnings. However, this is entirely optional, and it’s not mandatory.  You can do your own research to learn more before putting your money on any platform. 

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Step 5: How to Withdraw Your LEE Earnings (Optional)

You can only withdraw the accumulated revenue which is LEE if you have glasses beyond the Starting tier (Elementary or above). Once you reach the cheelee minimum withdrawal threshold, you can transfer your  achieved LEE to your preferred payment method.

These are the Things to Consider:

Cheelee Earnings Potential: Reported earnings vary greatly and likely won’t replace a full-time job. This is just a passive income and with the app you can get a few bucks to buy some items.

Time Commitment: The amount you earn depends on how much time you spend watching videos in the cheelee app. The more time you spend watching videos on the app, the more LEE you accumulate.

Investment: While the app is free to use and also earn, buying better glasses requires an upfront cost. When your free glass expires you are required to buy new glass so as to keep earning on the platform. 

Sustainability: The long-term viability of earning significant income through Cheelee remains uncertain. As this is trending now. It’s important to make use of it now while it lasts.

Here are some additional tips to increase your revenue on the cheelee app.

Be Consistent: The more you watch, the more cheelee LEE you can potentially collect, and remember these LEE are your currency and revenue, so take them seriously. 

Engage with the Platform: Liking and commenting on videos might influence the algorithm to show you more content that you’re interested in and not those you won’t want to see or interact with.

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Explore Referral Programs: 

One of the major strategies to earn on Cheelee without watching videos is through the referral program, users are seen reporting that their earnings are being increased through referrals but you check the app’s terms for details.


Cheelee is a relatively new social media app, and this platform is fully available worldwide no matter your country of residence and its earning potential might change over time,  who knows? It’s best to approach it with caution and not expect to get rich quickly from the platform evernight.

Disclaimer: This step by step guide is for informational purposes only. Earning potential on the Cheelee app can vary significantly.


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