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Tapswap withdrawal and launch date | Step-by-Step Guide to Making Money on Tapswap in 2024


First the trend was notcoin, and many people tapped on their phone screen, others created automated systems that would help them tap to accumulate coins while some hired their pets to help them do the tapping, sounds funny right? Let’s delve into the real world of Tapswap and how it works.

Understanding Tapswap game

Tapswap has created a whole lot of  buzz in the crypto world with its “tap-to-earn” concept. But the question is can you really make money on this Tapswap Telegram-based game in 2024? This guide will walk you through everything you need to know, from getting started on the platform to maximizing your earnings using your mobile phone. 

How to start Tapswap game on Telegram 

Step 1: Join the Tapswap Family (Download Telegram)

Like Notcoin,  tapswap also operates under the umbrella of Telegram. Tapswap operates through the Telegram messaging app. If you don’t have it yet, head over to the app store both on Google and apple app store and download Telegram on your mobile device and make sure to install it for this to work for you.

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Step 2: Find the Tapswap Bot on Telegram 

Once you have installed the telegram app, make sure to register with your mobile number and verify your username and head over to the telegram dashboard.  Open Telegram and search for “@TapswapBot” on the search bar. You can also find a link to the bot on Tapswap’s social media pages like X, facebook and YouTube (exercise caution with links outside of Telegram to stay safe and not get scammed).

Tapswap withdrawal and launch date

Step 3: Start Tapping and Earning TAPS 

Once you have access to the bot, click on the start button. Once you connect with the bot, follow the instructions to begin mining the coin through the game play which is the tap tap. The core gameplay involves tapping a designated icon on your phone screen to earn “TAPS,” the in-game currency. The question is , is it worth it? Let’s keep moving guys..

Step 4: Level Up and Climb the Ranks

While tapping on your phone screen might be time consuming, there are other strategies to maximize your earnings and migrate to levels on the platform. The more you tap, the higher your score and the more TAPS you earn. This also helps you climb the Tapswap leaderboards and potentially unlock bonus rewards on your registered account. 

Step 5: Explore Boosters and Tasks

Tapswap also offers “boosters” that can temporarily help increase your Tapswap earnings. These can be earned through completing tasks, through in-app purchases, or even free social media follows (do not forget to check Tapswap’s instructions).

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Daily tasks often involve simple actions like following their social media channels on X, github, Facebook,Telegram channel etc which can grant you bonus TAPS on your balance. To even earn more TAPS you need to check out step 6.

Step 6: Invite Friends and Earn Together

If you’re generating coins, and wish to involve your friends,  Don’t forget to use your referral link to invite them so as to earn a percentage of their revenue from their tap.

Tapswap incentivizes spreading the word. By inviting your friends, brothers or relatives, you can earn referral bonuses for both you and your friend and if your friends invite their friends, then they will also earn vice-versa.

Step 7: The Big Question: Withdrawing Your TAPS

Is this really worth it, can we withdraw these taps as real money? Those are the questions,  and also where things get interesting. As of June 2024, Tapswap’s official launch and the ability to convert accumulated TAPS to real-world currency are still pending for now, as of the time of writing this article. 

Important Note: Tapswap recently postponed their launch due to concerns about bots inflating the token economy, that was the latest news. And you need to Stay tuned to their official channels on Telegram for more updates on the official launch and their possible confirmed ways to withdraw your TAPS into real cash.

Things to Consider Before You Start Tapping:

The Earning Potential: While the Tapswap telegram game promises future rewards, current earning potential through tapping seems limited as we do not know the worth and the withdrawal methods or proof. 

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Investment: Some of the boosters on the platform require in-app purchases, which means users can invest their money to get the boost. It’s very important to approach them cautiously and make a thorough research before putting your money in such games.

Sustainability: Another thing to take note of is the sustainability of Tapswap. The long-term viability of Tapswap’s earning model remains to be seen, so you need to be extra careful. 

Here are some additional tips:

Always Stay Informed: make sure to Follow Tapswap’s official Telegram channels,  twitter (X) for updates on the launch dates, tokenomics, and potential withdrawal methods as users are currently awaiting this huge announcement. 

Always Be Patient: Building a significant amount of TAPS might take considerable time, energy and investment especially with the current limitations.


Enjoy the Game: If you approach Tapswap telegram game as a fun way to potentially earn some cryptocurrency rewards in the future, it can be a good way to spend some free time doing what makes you happy.

Always Remember that Tapswap is a new project, and its future success is uncertain yet, which calls for more carefulness.  Don’t invest more than you’re comfortable of losing and prioritize having fun while you tap.


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