How To Add Nibiru To Keplr wallet


Nibiru is a Blockchain network, specifically a stake blockchain and one of the Cosmos Ecosystem interconnected blockchains.
Nibiru blockchain network can be added to any wallet that accepts it with ease if the necessary steps are followed.

The process required to Add Nibiru to Keplr is well-detailed and explained in this article, read further for more information.

How To Add Nibiru To Keplr

Keplr encompasses multiple blockchain networks, and it allows you to add and connect any network of your choice. To successfully integrate Nibiru into Keplr, you will have to either add by manually entering the network information or by scanning the QR code.

Adding Through Manual Entry of Network Information

1. Visit Nibiru: Visit the Nibiru webpage or download the app, then move on to the next step.
2. Click on Cosmos: There’s a “Cosmos” button at the top left, click on the button.
3. Add Network: Different networks that are already connected will be liased, to add Nibiru to Keplr, you need to click on the “Add Network” button.

4. After you have clicked the add network button, you will be required to fill in information, it requires details like Chain ID, Node URL, and others. Now fill in the gaps appropriately with the details. You can get the details from the Nibiru website or documentation.

5. Click Save: After you are done filling in the details, click on the “Save” button to add Nabiru to your Keplr Wallet.
Once it has been saved, Nibiru has been successfully integrated into your Keplr Wallet.

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Adding Through QR Code Scan

1. Visit Nibiru: Visit the Nibiru webpage or download the app, then move on to the next step.
2. Open Keplr: There’s a “Cosmos” button at the top left, click on the button. This is after you must have opened Keplr.
3. Click on the QR code: Beside the “Add to Network” button, there is a QR code situated right there, click on that QR code.

4. Scan The QR Code: Using the Keplr web extension, scan the QR code provided by Nibiru.
5. After the scanning, Nibiru should automatically be Integrated into your Keplr Wallet.


Nibiru is a member of the Cosmos Ecosystem that focuses on gaming and NFTs, it’s dedicated to improving users’ experience for good. Keplr being a system that houses and allows blockchain networks gives room for users to have a secure and easy experience.


Why can’t I find the “add network” button in Keplr?
Ans: You can’t find the “Add Network” button in your Keplr maybe because your version doesn’t support manual adding, you may need to wait for an update or consider other alternatives.
What happens when I enter the wrong

information while imputing Nibiru details?
Ans: The outcome of entering the wrong information is that Nibiru might not be added or connected to your Keplr, unless when corrected.

What should I do if I mistakenly add another network?
Ans: If you mistakenly add a network, you can remove it by clicking on the three dots “…” located next to the network in Keplr “Cosmos” screen, now select “Remove Network” and the network will be removed.

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If I add Nibiru to Keplr, will my other assets be affected?
Ans: Adding Nibiru to Keplr doesn’t affect your other assets, so there’s no need to worry.
Can I add Nibiru to Keplr using the mobile app?
Ans: Yes, you can equally add Nabiru to Keplr through the mobile app.


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