New affiliate programs 2024 for beginners


Brands over the years have been known to use affiliate programs to push the popularity of their products. Affiliate marketers, use this medium to get more bucks for themselves. Thereby, improving bringing more visitors to use a brand’s platform either by making sales, bringing visitors, and so on. 

Affiliate programs can be referred to as a platform for organizations to increase their brand support. With the bits of help of this platform, owners of these brands do not push the product alone. They use the help of affiliates. Although, they provide affiliates with the help of social media links and promotional videos.

Going with paid ads is one of the ways to promote your link too. However, you need to be sure that the money you stand to gain is more than the cost obtained. When you want to start Affiliate marketing it’s advisable to own a platform of your own where you get traffic. 

And this can be achieved with a blog website. Huge social media following or a youtube channel. So if you don’t have any of these,  then be sure you get them in place before starting Affiliate marketing. If you are a newbie, here are new affiliate programs you can join in 2024.

  1. CJ Affiliate:

CJ Affiliate is one of the founding affiliate programs out there. In addition, it is one of the most reliable platforms on which affiliates can work and earn money. These brands have a big client base of merchants willing to offer their products at good commission rates.

It has a good cookie policy too. They have a minimum payout policy of $50. The cookie policy of the platform lasts for up to a year. Usually, the payment periods are done every month.

  1. ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the best platforms to partner with as an affiliate. It is one of the top platforms in the world with over 20,000 merchants in nearly every top industry. As a new client, you can apply as an individual merchant and be patient until you get approval.

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As reinstated earlier it has an affiliate base of up to 260,000 affiliates. It has a minimum payout policy of $50. Usually, it has a cookie policy of a year. Affiliates are expected to earn their pay every 1 month.

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  1. Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates is the recommended platform for newbies. Every year, it boasts of over 20 million offers. Depending on the kind of product you are interested in, the commission rate is very attractive.

It can even go as high as 20%. However, the demerit of Amazon Associates is that the fixed commissions are very low. Amazon Associates has a cookie policy of one day. Additionally, it has a minimum payout policy of $100. Payment of the affiliates takes up to 1 month.

4. Rakuten

Rakuten is one of the most popular affiliate brands out there. Although it is a Japanese affiliate platform, it offers some of the best products with amazing commission rates.

The beauty of Rakuten is that they can pay both in PPA or PPS. PPA simply means Pay per Action. On the other hand, PPS means Pay per Sale. The minimum threshold for withdrawals is $50. The cookie policy is 3 months. They pay after every 60 days.

  1. eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network is a big industry that can help newbie make their commission easily. This platform does not have too much complexity. It is easy to sign up for the eBay Partner Network.

Unlike others, their affiliate can go up to 70%. You can promote up to 20 products at a time to earn a good sum of money. For the eBay Partner Network, the payout policy is $50. While the cookie duration is 1 day. The payment frequency is usually 30 days.

  1. Click Bank

Click Bank is one of the top platforms to join as an affiliate. Click Bank’s specialty is the sale of digital services. The beauty of this affiliate platform is that they have a high commission rate.

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Even without a website, you can earn good figures with the platform. Click Bank has a minimum of $100. It also has a cookie policy of 2 months. Affiliates are expected to be paid after every 15 days.

  1. GoPro

When talking about affiliate marketing with tech brands, then GoPro is your surest plug. This is one of the top platforms where they specialize in camera quality.

This platform produces high-quality graphics. When it comes to earning commission with their service, they are second to none.  The commission rate of GoPro is 4%. Unlike other brands, the cookie duration is 7 days.


Does the affiliate market work in 2024?

Statistics show clearly that affiliate marketing is a growing market in the world. The industry was valued at $8.2 billion as of 2022, a 10% increase from the year before. It is expected to skyrocket to $21.1 billion in 2024 and reach $15.7 billion by the end of 2024.

Which affiliate program pay per click?

Google AdSense is the most well-known and widely used Pay Per Click affiliate program. It offers a clear user-friendly interface, detailed analytics, and a vast range of adverts from millions of advertisers. It’s an excellent choice for beginners due to its simplicity and extensive support.

How much does Amazon affiliate pay?

Amazon commissions range from 1% to 20% depending on the goods industry. Amazon’s affiliate program is the best for newbies.

How much can a beginner earn in affiliate marketing?

For most individuals starting, earning an amount between $500 to $2,000+ every 30 days in commissions is a good goal to aim at within the first 12 months.

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Who pays for affiliate links?

The merchant usually pays the affiliate a percentage of the selling price of the goods after the consumer buys the goods as a result of affiliate marketing strategies.

How long does it take to learn affiliate marketing?

Usually, it can take anywhere between six to 15 months to begin earning good money from your affiliate strategy.


When it comes to affiliates, it is quite hard to find a legitimate one. Thankfully, this article has carefully outlined some of the top platforms you can join. As a newbie, I’ll advise you to get a mentor who will put you through some of the ways you can harness the market to make good sales. 


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