Top 10 Niche Blogs That Make Money 

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Niche blogs that make money include digital marketing niche blogs, food niche blogs, and finance niche blogs among others. These blogs are profitable because they make money through different means such as Affiliate Marketing, Ad Networks, and Sponsored Posts.

In today’s article, we will be checking out the top 10 niche blogs that you can make money from. Let’s get into it right away!

Top 10 Niche Blogs That Make Money

Here are niches that you can make money from as a blogger:

  1. Digital Marketing Niche

One of the biggest niches in which you can make money as a blogger is digital marketing. This niche houses some of the biggest names in the internet space such as Neil Patel. In digital marketing, topics such as Email Marketing Techniques, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing are discussed.

Affiliate Marketing brands and Ad networks readily accept digital marketing niche blogs because they have content tailored to meet their ads and to get more visitors to their products. No doubt, it is one of the most profitable blogging niches to go into in 2024.

  1. Food Niche

Though underrated, Food Niche is one of the most profitable blogging niches. If you are a food niche blogger, you get to create content around recipes, and kitchen items, among other things. Food niche blogs get lots of traffic because people are constantly in search of new recipes and different styles of preparing foods all over the world.

Food bloggers make their most money from partnerships and sponsored posts. Brands such as seasoning brands, kitchen technology brands, beverages, and the like, contact food bloggers for adverts and that’s where bloggers of this kind make the most money.

  1. Finance Niche

The finance niche is also a niche where most money is made from. In the Finance niche, topics surrounding money-saving tips, investments, and loans are discussed. Finance niche blogs gain traffic from business owners who seek the best financial choice for their business, from students who want to learn about business and accounting concepts, etc.

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Finance bloggers make their money from sponsored posts, ad networks, and affiliate marketing. Investment companies and banks make use of the Sponsored Posts avenue of Finance blogs to advertise their services in turn, this yields money.

  1. Technology Niche

Technology niche also ranks high among the top 10 niche blogs that make money. In Technology niche blogs, contents are created around gadgets, social media platforms, and software applications. Technology niche blogs most gainly traffic from gadget owners, students, and technology-inclined individuals.

These set of people may visit these niche blogs to get guides on how to solve a particular problem relating to their gadgets or may want to find out information on how the software works.

Technology niche blogs make money from affiliate marketing and ad networks. Affiliate Marketing brands use technology niche blogs to propel their products to a high audience. When they sell or offer a link to any of these products, they make money.

  1. Blogging Niche

Along with other niches, the blogging niche is among one of the most profitable niches in the world. Blogging niche blogs produce content mostly about blogging tips, blogging tools, and ad networks. Bloggers get traffic mostly from co-bloggers, students, web developers, etc. This set of people may want to find out information about blogging tricks, new hacks, etc.

Blogging niche blogs make money from ad networks and affiliate marketing blogs. Blogging niche bloggers sign up for ad networks to make money from visitors who may visit their web page. 

  1. Health And Fitness Niche 

Health and Fitness niche is a nice niche that many bloggers make money from. The health and fitness niche blogs create content surrounding health tips to get rid of diseases, and workout procedures among other topics. This kind of blog is mostly visited by people seeking health advice, students, researchers, etc.

Health and Fitness niche bloggers earn money from ad networks, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts. The sponsored posts, serve as a means by which clinics, advertise their services to those around the target location. Bloggers who create content in this niche make money through this medium.

  1. Fashion Niche

Among the most profitable niches in blogging, the Fashion niche is up there. In Fashion niche blogs, emphasis is placed on creating topics around the style of clothing for men and women, fashion tips, and fashion news.

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This kind of blog is visited by fashion-inclined persons such as fashion designers, models, etc. They visit such sites to get information about the best fashion style to adopt, how to use a fashion brand etc.

Fashion blogs mostly make money from affiliate marketing, ad networks, and sponsored posts. From affiliate marketing, they get offers from brands who wish to showcase their items on the blog’s webpages and as a result, make money from such offers.

  1. AI Niche Blogs

AI Niche bloggers are among bloggers that make money.  With the development of different AI tools, they’ve been a need for tutorials and guides to fully utilize these tools. Most people who may visit AI niche blogs include students who may seek to understand how to use these tools for their interests and other tech-driven persons.

AI niche bloggers make money from Ad networks, Affiliate Marketing, and even Sponsored Posts. 

  1. Make Money Online Niche

Make Money Online (MMO) niche is positioned high as one of the profitable niches to blog about. MMO niche revolves around delivering content around finance tips, affiliate marketing platforms, how to make money from referrals, identification of legit and scam platforms, etc.

MMO niche bloggers make money from affiliate marketing, ad networks, and sponsored posts. Through affiliate marketing, they partner with different brands to display interesting products on their blogs. In effect, interested persons who wish to get these products may click the link to these platforms and then they earn commissions.

  1. Pet Niche 

Pet niche blog ranks among the most profitable blogging niches in the world. Almost everyone in the world has a pet, and they are constantly looking for ways to care for and provide for their pet’s needs. Pet owners are the main individuals who visit Pet niche sites.

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Pet niche bloggers make money mostly from affiliate marketing partnerships. They always brands who wish to sell pet foods or other products do so and as a result, they earn money from that.


Can I blog without a niche?

It is possible to start a blog without a niche. However, note that for beginners, this may turn out to be a complicated decision. Usually, newbies want to start with a single niche because selecting multiple niches would mean more work and more time. So, you want to begin your blogging journey gradually.

How do I find top niches?

To find top niches, you can carry out keyword research. In other cases, you could spy on your competitors. Check out the niches they are writing on and if you’re comfortable with the niches, you could begin writing on that same niche yourself.

Which niche has the highest traffic?

Niches with the highest traffic include the Food niche and the Lifestyle niche. Their niches boast of having high traffic. Traffic sources of these niches are mostly from search engines and social media.

Which niche is best for beginners?

The best niches for beginners are gaming, food niches, entertainment, sports, and pets.


Niche blogging is profitable. However, to be able to earn, you’ll have to build a brand in any niche of your choice. In this post, you’ve read about the top 10 niche blogs that make money. This post should encourage you to make your blog a brand so that you can earn from it.


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