TikTok Ads Vs Facebook Ads Pros And Cons

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While both Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads are two advertisement strategies used by many businesses, the two platforms have their share of upsides and downsides. One of the major benefits of using Facebook Ads over TikTok Ads is that businesses choose a specific target audience for their products.

On the other hand, TikTok Ads boast of a large and active younger audience for businesses to utilize for their products to go viral. In this post, you will be reading in detail, a thorough comparison between TikTok Ads and Facebook Ads.

If you are considering the best one to use for your business, then you don’t want to miss reading this! 

TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads are advertisements that are made by individuals or businesses to draw the attention of content creators or content receivers to their brand.

TikTok Ads is especially useful because TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, especially among the younger generation. 

Features Of TikTok Ads

Here are some of the interesting features of TikTok Ads.

  • Emphasis On Video Ads
  • Increasing Younger Audience 
  • Impressive Audience Targeting Tools
  • Nice Analytics Features

Pros Of Running TikTok Ads

Running a TikTok Ad comes with a lot of benefits, here they are:

  1. Reach Younger Audience

If your product or business is focused on reaching younger audiences, then running TikTok Ads is what you need. Since TikTok is mostly used by these, then it is just wise to run your adverts on TikTok instead of Facebook. That’s if you are limping between the two options.

  1. Opportunity To Go Viral

What every business wants is to go viral. By running TikTok Ads, the probability of that is higher. You may decide to pay an influencer to make a video or do one yourself. However the case, by creating the right kind of clout for your business on TikTok, your business can get exposure and awareness.

  1. Exceptional Video Ads Formats
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TikTok encourages any individual or business that wants to advertise their product to make it as interesting as possible. When you create an interesting video ad on TikTok, which may not be allowed on Facebook due to Policy Violation or something similar, you can get the engagement that your business needs to scale up to the next level.

Cons Of TikTok Ads

The disadvantages of using TikTok Ads for your business are:

  1. Basic Analytic Features

Compared to Facebook ads, TikTok ads are of the basic standard. Using Facebook Ads, you can monitor even the slightest data about your ads. That’s where using Facebook ads beats TikTok ads.

  1. Little Industry Focus

With Facebook, there’s a large variety of industries to target while you run your Facebook ads. With TikTok Ads, however, the industry focus is quite slim.

It is not as wide as Facebook and as such, this has discouraged many business owners from using TikTok ads for their business despite its many amazing features.

  1. Less Target Audience

In comparison with the specific audiences you get to target when you use Facebook ads, TikTok ads only allow you to target a few. With TikTok ads, this is quite narrow.  If there’s one aspect Facebook beats TikTok.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are advertisements made by advertisers on Facebook for a specific Facebook audience. These adverts appear on the news feed section of the targeted Facebook audience and then, if the person is interested, may click on the advert.

With Facebook Ads, interested audiences who click on the ads may not necessarily need to leave Facebook to access the products or whatever is being advertised.

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Features Of Facebook Ads

Some of the key features of Facebook Ads include:

  • Expanded Analytic Tools and Insights Data
  • Varieties Of Ad Formats
  • Applicable To Wide Range Of Industries
  • Diverse Audience Targeting

Pros Of Running Facebook Ads

If you’re thinking of running Facebook Ads for your business, here’s the benefits you stand to enjoy:

  1. Reach Specific Audience

With Facebook Ads, you can reach different audiences. This is thanks to Facebook’s data-driven analytical tools which enable businesses to reach specific age groups, locations, or even other businesses. Isn’t that great?

  1. Impressive Conversion Rate

If there’s one reason why many businesses choose Facebook ads over TikTok Ads, then it is because of its impressive conversion rate. When you run an advert on Facebook, you tend to get more in return than you get when you run TikTok Ads. If you are stuck in the middle between choosing Facebook or TikTok Ads, as it relates to the conversion rate, then it would be a safe choice to choose Facebook ads.

  1. Larger Audience

You’ll agree that almost everyone who knows what social media is all about has a Facebook account. This is because Facebook has been longer in the business and is more popular than TikTok, especially among the older generation. 

This means that if you decide to run a Facebook ad, you automatically get a more diverse audience than TikTok.

Cons Of Running Facebook Ads

There have been noticeable downsides to running Facebook Ads too, here they are:

  1. Ever-changing Ad Policy

Almost now and then, there have been changes to Facebook’s Ads policy. If it’s not about using a recommended Facebook ads format today, then, it’s the kind of image to use and so on. So, this has made many businesses or individuals who intend to run ads to be discouraged from using Facebook to run ads.

  1. High Cost Of Running Ads
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The cost of running Facebook ads is always on the increase. So, this has driven many startup businesses to use the platform to draw awareness to their businesses.


How long do TikTok ads take to start working?

TikTok ads from publishers undergo a review before they are allowed to go live. This process usually takes 24 hours. 

Are TikTok ads worth the money?

TikTok ads are worth your money. With TikTok ads, the success rate is higher than most social media platforms. However, this is dependent on your ad budget and other ad strategies implemented.

Are TikTok ads good for small businesses?

TikTok ads are good for small businesses. They are capable of giving your business the needed awareness. However, when compared to Facebook ads, they do not offer much. 

What are the disadvantages of advertising on TikTok?

The major disadvantage of advertising on TikTok is that it possesses basic analytical features to track your ad performance compared to what Facebook offers. 


TikTok and Facebook are two of the largest social media platforms there is. However, knowing which one to use for your business can be a headache.

Thanks to this article, you’ve been able to read which is best for your business depending on what you want. Kindly share this with others if you enjoyed reading this.


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