How to make money on Paddedvibez Classified Ads Platform


This is the best time to make money online without any stress, just from the comfort of your home doing simple buying and selling of digital assets on This is a platform where buyers and sellers can make money by exchanging goods and services through the admin escrow system. 

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What is Paddedvibez marketplace and classified? emerges as an outstanding online marketplace and classified ads platform catering to the needs of online entrepreneurs. They offer a diverse array of pure and legit digital and physical products and services, providing a sure and seamless avenue for buying and selling digital and physical assets and ensuring secured transactions through their reliable Admin escrow system.

Functionality and Features of

Paddedvibez Classified Marketplace has an extensive range of offerings which includes but not limited to buy and sell of websites, Google adsense accounts, adsense websites, domain names, mobile apps, active social media accounts, trade by barter, digital freelancing services, crypto p2p trading, digital products like music and movies, ebook, and even physical products such as cars and real estates, lands, tech products and lots more.

One thing that made to stand out from other marketplace and classified ads sites is their trade by barter feature which allows members to buy and sell without money. That sounds good right?

With the trade by barter features, You can exchange your asset to another asset.

How to use Paddedvibez trade by barter features?

To buy an asset or services with the trade by barter features, you need to set up a buyer or seller account and create a listing of what you want to exchange. 

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For instance: 

a member creates a listing that he or she has a Facebook page to exchange for a twitter page. Then another member who has a Twitter page but needs a Facebook page then sees the ads. The both will reach out to each other via the comment or chat section on and agree they want to exchange by barter.  

The both will reach out to the escrow admin for transactions after evaluating the said Twitter and Facebook accounts. Then the member who owns a Facebook page will transfer the page details straight to admin escrow while the member who owns Twitter will transfer the account details to the escrow admin and the admin will evaluate the two account details and transfer to exact members. 

The person who has a Facebook page will now own a Twitter page vice versa and the deal will be completed. 

Members can also buy and sell cryptocurrency using the crypto p2p category without selling in any external crypto platforms like Binance or bybit. 

How to use the crypto p2p feature on 

To trade any crypto like BTC, ETHER,  USDT, BNB, BUSDT and others, you need to create a listing via the crypto p2p category. For instance you have a USDT you want to sell either for cash or for another cryptocurrency,  you have to state clearly whether you want to sell the crypto for cash payments or you want to exchange for another cryptocurrency. 

After creating the listing for that particular crypto for sale via cash transfer, then a buyer will connect with you and you will agree on the rate which you would love to sell the crypto for, and the agreed currency (naira or dollar).  Then the deal will be handled via the admin escrow system, where the buyer will transfer the agreed funds payments to the admin escrow system account. 

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After the escrow payment confirmation,  the seller will then transfer the crypto to the buyer and once confirmed by the buyer, the escrow system will release the funds to the seller and the deal will be completed.  Everyone goes home smiling. The same applies to all the existing and future categories on

Paddedvibez Secured Transactions:

A standout feature of is our emphasis on security. Transactions are conducted via the platform’s admin escrow system, significantly mitigating the risks associated with online dealings and fostering a sense of trust between the buyers and sellers on

How to Make Money on daily

For digital product creators and entrepreneurs, presents a lucrative opportunity to monetize their assets. By leveraging the platform, individuals can list their high-engagement social media accounts, websites, verified and unverified adsense accounts. domains, apps, and other digital offerings for sale. The escrow system ensures a safe and transparent transaction process, facilitating seamless exchanges between both the buyer and seller.

You can create as many listings as possible on and attract potential buyers or sellers who are interested in what you are selling.

How to start buying and selling on

To embark on the journey of buying or selling on, users need to register and create an account, specifying their role as either a seller or a buyer. 

Upon account creation, users can proceed to list their products or services, connecting with a vast community of potential buyers or sellers eager to engage in transactions.

 Note: always deal with the escrow system and don’t let the buyer or sellers convince you not to deal with escrow to avoid Scam.

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What are our Safety Measures: underscores the importance of utilizing its admin escrow system to ensure a secure trading environment. By adhering to this protocol, users can safeguard themselves against potential scams and fraudulent activities, thereby promoting peace of mind throughout the transaction process on the platform. 

In conclusion stands as a comprehensive marketplace and classified ads platform, catering to the diverse needs of online entrepreneurs who are seeking to monetize their digital assets and engage in well secured transactions.

 With their user-friendly interface, robust escrow system, it serves as a valuable resource for individuals looking to thrive in the digital economy.

What are you waiting for? List your businesses and assets and start selling  on And for buyers, get in now and Buy that Already existing business or businesses today and build your online income empire. 


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