ShareASale Withdrawals Methods

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ShareASale is an affiliate platform that allows you to earn through their link. With just a few clicks on your finger, you can easily get an account with ShareASale. The amazing part of ShareASale is that the Signup process is very fast and friendly.

Once you join the ShareASale family, you get to connect to thousands of merchant programs. It will be eagerly waiting for you to join as programs.

ShareASale is a platform where you can get merchants to partner with. As a way of starting, you can get their creatives and use them on your site. When you do so, sales will improve and you will get income.

How do I get Paid?

Many people get paid through different methods. The most viable way people can get paid is through a check. The minimum payment through check is $50.

However, ShareASale withdrawal methods can get paid when they reach the minimum threshold. This can be done from the payment section on the account settings.

In other ways, people can also get paid through ACH direct deposit. If you intend to make a payment through direct deposit, you can get it through the direct deposit option in the platform.

You can get the money after thoroughly filling in your account details on the page provided on the site. ShareASale would also need special details from banks to complete this mission.

It is important to note that there is no fee for direct deposit. But, a wire transfer usually attracts a $30 charge.

When do I get paid?

Usually, payments for the ShareASale are treated every month end. The payment is usually done for the previous month’s performance. For example, if you made a commission of $300 in February, you would get paid at the end of March.

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This is how it works. However, if payment falls on a particular weekend. The payment will be processed on the following Monday. Therefore it is important to save a little so you can easily get paid without stress. 

Where is my money?

Sometimes, people may not receive money at the month’s end due to some reasons. The reason may arise through the affiliate or from ShareASale. The shareASale withdrawal comes with some requirements.

 For example, when one number in your bank details go south, you may not be paid. The payment may however be rejected by the bank. Also, it might be that you have not worked for an amount up to the minimum threshold. This can also be part of your payment.

ShareASale has a 3-month cancellation period. Unless canceled by ShareASale, checks withdrawn for 3 months have a withdrawal charge of at least $35. However, if you exercise patience for over 3 months, they can process your payment free of charge.

ShareASale payment options

ShareASale offers payment via check usually sent by email or Gmail, international deposit, wire transfer, and Payoneer. The shareASale withdrawal threshold is $50.

How long does it take for my bank to receive payment?

Here is the minimum and maximum amount of days it would take for you to receive payment.

Check Via mail (USA): 1 week

Check via mail (Internationally): 1-4 weeks

Direct Deposit (USA): 2-3 business days

Direct Deposit (UK): 5-6 business days

Direct Deposit (IN): 5-7 business days

Direct Deposit (CA): 2-3 Business Days

Direct Deposit (AU): 3-4 Business Days

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Direct Deposit (MX): 3-4 Business Days

Direct Deposit (NZ): 3-4 Business Days

Direct Deposit (CH): 3-4 Business Days

Direct Deposit (EU): 5-6 Business Days

Payoneer: 3-5 Business Days

How can I see an overview of my payment?

It is important to note that all payment information can be found in the payment section of the app. Here is what you need to know regarding your payment:

Payment Settings:

Payment Settings allows you to manipulate or interfere with the payment options for your account at any time of the day.

Past Revenue:

This is another section of the payment tab. As the name implies, it includes payment of the previous payment with the corresponding bank account

Payment Summary

This shows a brief overview of the payment breakdown both past and future.

Rejected Payment:

This is a sector that includes information about any payment that didn’t successfully reach the client’s bank.


How much does ShareASale pay per click?

It’s worth noting that ShareASale does not pay per click. However, they rather pay a performance commission that leads to a sale or a lead. 

Does ShareASale pay weekly?

They pay on the 20th of every month for the previous month’s performance. However, if the day falls on a weekend, it would be paid on the next business day.

How much can I earn in ShareASale?

There’s no limit on how much you can earn on ShareASale. You can for as much as you work. Yes. When you work for an amount worth it, you would get paid.

Is ShareASale affiliate free?

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Yes. ShareASale affiliate is free. The registration process is always quick and very simple. Once you are approved by the network, you will be free to earn.

How much does it cost to join ShareASale?

Every merchant is expected to pay a one-time, non-refundable joining charge of $625 that occurs only after all setups have been completed, and before final activation on the network. We also require a $125 minimum deposit.


The ShareASale withdrawal methods are not very hard. For starters, you can request payment via wire transfer. Additionally, you can get to order transfers via ACH bank deposit and the like.

Oftentimes, seasoned affiliates make sure to collect their money and convert it to ads. This is to ensure they make double the money the next time they receive it.


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